5 Great Side Dish Ideas To Accompany Chicken Fritters

chicken fritter side dish

If you are looking for an easy, crowd-pleasing appetizer, look no further than chicken fritters.

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They are perfect for parties or game-day gatherings, and they can be served with a variety of dipping sauces or other side dishes.

Here are a few of our favorite side dish recipes to serve with your chicken fritters.

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What are chicken fritters?

Do you love chicken but are getting bored of the same old-fashioned recipes with this ingredient?

Chicken fritters are the way to go.

This dish is made with ground or diced chicken mixed with other ingredients like eggs, flour, shredded cheese, mayonnaise, other spices, and herbs to enhance the flavor.

The mixture is then pan-seared on both sides until they are crispy and golden.

Chicken fritters are perfect to use up leftover chicken.

The recipe is easy and quick to make and won’t take a lot of time during weeknights.

What to consider when choosing a chicken fritters’ side dish?

There are many side dishes that can work well with chicken fritters.

However, not all are treated equally.

Here are some tips that can help you choose the right side dish to serve with your chicken fritters:

Chicken fritters should be served with a meat-free side dish

Chicken fritters should be served with a meat-free side dish because you have enough meat in the main course.

A meat-free side dish can be a starchy accompaniment or a light vegetable-based recipe, but it is meant to offset the rich and savory taste of your main chicken dish.

Try a salad or dipping sauce if you don’t have time for other complicated side dish recipe

There are many side dish options to serve with your chicken fritters, but if you don’t have time for a complicated recipe, a salad or dipping sauce will be the way to go.

A raw salad that contains different kinds of raw veggies and a dipping sauce can be bought from a grocery store or supermarket.

You can make these recipes in less than five minutes, but the result will surely satisfy your taste buds.

5 best side dishes to serve with chicken fritters

Here are the five side dishes that we find the most suitable to serve with your chicken fritters.

Let’s take a closer look at each recipe and choose your favorite one:

1.     Sour cream mashed potatoes

HealthSmart Instant Creamy Sour Cream & Chive Mashed Potatoes, 11g...

Mashed potatoes are a classic side dish that is eaten among every American.

Mashed potatoes are easy and quick to make, and they can come in different flavors with a twist on the use of spices, herbs, or condiments.

Adding some sour cream to your regular mashed potatoes can make your dish creamier and has a tangy taste.

The best thing is that this simple but delicious dish pairs well with chicken fritters with the contrast in the smooth and soft texture of it and crunchy fritters.

2.     Steamed broccoli

365 by Whole Foods Market, Broccoli Florets, 12 Ounce

You can also serve your chicken fritters with some steamed broccoli.

Broccoli is often roasted or steamed, and this kind of veggie is reputable for being rich in nutrients and has a sweet, earthy flavor that pairs well with a meat-based dish.

Steaming also takes less time and effort, and there is no need for an oily coat or added spices at all.

3.     Ranch dipping sauce

Heinz Ranch Dressing Single Serve Packet (2 oz Packets, Pack of 60)

The ranch dipping sauce is another great accompaniment to pair with your chicken fritters.

The ranch dipping sauce is creamy and has a typical taste of dairy products.

The mildly sour taste makes it perfect to offset the savory taste of chicken fritters.

This side dish is also easy and quick to make, but in case you don’t have enough time or ingredients to make a delicious ranch dipping sauce, it will be fine to opt for a store-bought ranch dipping sauce.

4.     Cucumber salad

Kraft Creamy Cucumber Salad Dressing 2 Pack (2 x 16oz)- Canada

Do you want something crunchy and refreshing at the same time to accompany your chicken fritters?

A cucumber salad is great to serve with any meat-based dish, and it often has different kinds of raw veggies besides cucumber.

You can opt for different salad dressings, from a creamy to a tangy or sour coat to make the salad more flavorful and can balance your savory chicken fritters.

5.     Dijon mustard

Inglehoffer Traditional Dijon Mustard, 9 Oz Squeeze Bottle

Sometimes, a small bowl of Dijon mustard is enough to make your chicken fritters taste better.

Dijon mustard provides a spicy kick to your meal, and it can be made at home or bought from any grocery store.

The bottom line

Chicken fritters are a delicious and satisfying dish that goes well with different kinds of side dishes.

All our accompaniments are easy to make, and they are sure to leave you with delicious flavors and make your chicken fritters even tastier.

Good luck and happy cooking!