5 Side Dishes That Go Best With Chicken Fried Rice

chicken fried rice side dish

How are you supposed to make your chicken fried rice more perfect?

This article will provide you with the five best side dishes to serve with your chicken fried rice so that your next meal will be more hearty and filling with a lot of flavors and textures.

Let’s get started by delving into this main dish and then we will cover some tips to choose the best accompaniments with their recipes in the next sections.

What is chicken fried rice?

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Chicken fried rice is a delicious dish that often consists of steamed rice that is stir-fried with many other ingredients, including chopped chicken, vegetables, beaten egg, and spices like soy sauce, sesame oil, or oyster sauce.

The resulting dish should be colorful thanks to the use of many different ingredients that are sliced or chopped into small pieces.

Chicken fried rice is easy to make, inexpensive, and nutritious because it provides you with all components, from carbs to protein and vitamins from vegetables.

This dish can be served at any time of the day as an appetizer or main course.

Chicken fried rice is easy to make so instead of ordering this dish from an Asian restaurant, you can make your own at home without any fuss.

What to consider when choosing a chicken fried rice’s side dish?

Every family has a different taste that they prefer when it comes to a side dish, but there are some general guidelines that can help you decide which one is best to serve with your chicken fried rice:

Choose a vegetable-based side dish if you want a lighter addition to your main dish

Although there are some vegetables in the chicken fried rice recipe, they are not enough to provide you with sufficient nutrients from vegetables.

Therefore, if you want to make your diet healthier, it is best to serve chicken fried rice with a veggie-based accompaniment.

The refreshing and light flavor of this side dish can also help balance the savory or a little greasy chicken fried rice.

A soup or stew can work great too if you find your chicken fried rice is a bit dry

Many people enjoy soups as a meal’s side dish because they have the perfect balance of being filling and flavorful without being too heavy.

A soup may be just what your family needs after finishing up their plate of chicken fried rice or even eaten at the same time.

There are so many varieties of soup or stew recipes, so just consider serving your favorite flavor on the side of chicken fried rice.

5 best side dishes to serve with chicken fried rice

Do you know what to order with your chicken fried rice next time in the restaurant, or what side dish to make to serve with your fried rice at home?

Here are the five best side dish ideas from us that would help:

1.     Egg rolls

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Egg rolls are a great side dish to serve alongside your chicken fried rice.

This dish is often served as an appetizer in most American Chinese restaurants, but it can be enjoyed in any way you want, as a side dish, main course, or even snack.

Egg rolls are often made of ground pork with shredded cabbage and spices with wheat flour wrappers.

But if you want to make the flavor of this dish match the main course more, you can use ground chicken instead.

2.     Salads

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As already mentioned, a veggie-based side dish will be a perfect match for chicken fried rice.

You can combine different kinds of vegetables and fruits per your preference and coat the mixture with your favorite salad dressing.

This will make sure that your salad will not only be healthy but also satisfies your taste bud.

3.      Sauteed vegetables

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If you don’t want to eat raw vegetables in a salad recipe, try using sauteed vegetables instead to serve with chicken fried rice.

Sauteed vegetables mean that the vegetables are quickly stir-fried in the pan so they can still keep the crunchy texture and fresh flavor of vegetables.

4.     Soups

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For those who are looking for something liquidy, soups are a great choice to pair with chicken fried rice.

A bowl of hot soup, either made from chicken or a vegan soup can work great in this case.

The rich and flavorful taste of the soup will not only please your mouth but also your nose.

5.     Fruits

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If a plate of chicken fried rice is enough for you as it contains all ingredients that are necessary for a single meal, then consider serving it with a plate of fruits as a dessert.

Choosing different kinds of fruits and finely slicing them into equal bite-sized cubes can also work as a decoration for your meal.

The bottom line

Which side dish is better for you?

The answer to this question will depend on your personal preference.

Hopefully, this article has helped you with more knowledge about chicken fried rice and the five best companions that you can try each time you serve this dish on the table.