4 Best Chicken For Tacos: Is There A Better Cut Of Chicken For Tacos?

chicken for taco

Most people think of beef as the classic filling for tacos, but chicken turns out to be a healthier option.

But is there a cut of chicken that is more suitable for tacos than others?

And what to consider when choosing chicken for tacos?

All you need to know lies in this article.

Keep reading and find out more interesting things about the best chicken for tacos.

How to choose chicken for tacos?

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Chicken tacos are not as popular as beef tacos, but this option turns out to be healthier without sacrificing the flavor.

But what are the tips to choose the best chicken for tacos?

Here are some of our suggestions:

1.    Buy fresh chicken

Nothing tastes better than a fresh cut of chicken.

Although there is not too much chicken meat in every taco like other main dishes that feature a whole cut of chicken, if you use stale or frozen chicken to cook, you can realize the difference in the taste of your tacos, which is less flavorful, sweet, or even has a weird odor.

2.    Dark meat chicken will make your tacos more flavorful  

Although chicken breast is the most sought-after cut of chicken because it is known as the leanest cut with very little saturated fats, other dark meat cuts like chicken thighs or chicken legs are actually much more flavorful.

Therefore, if you are not following any special diet, it will be better to opt for dark meat chicken because it is more affordable, juicier, and tastier.

3.    Ground chicken or shredded chicken can both work

A chicken filling for tacos can be either ground chicken or shredded chicken.

There are many packages of ground chicken available on the market, but since it is already ground, you might need to take a closer look to make sure it is fresh.

To use shredded chicken for your tacos, you should buy a whole cut of chicken, or even a whole chicken, cook it, and then pull it apart yourself to control the freshness of the chicken as well as season it with whatever you like.

Using a whole chicken will be more economical because you can use other parts or leftovers for many other recipes.

Best four cuts of chicken for tacos

This section will point out the best cuts of chicken that go perfectly in your taco recipes:

1.    Boneless, skinless chicken thighs

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Normally, chicken for tacos doesn’t come with the bone and skin so that you can easily handle the cut.

A boneless, skinless chicken thigh is the top option for making tacos because it is packed with many flavors, and can be both tender and firm enough for a great mouthfeel.

However, if you cannot find a boneless, skinless thigh cut, you can just grill the bone-in, skin-on version of it and shred the meat after it is done cooking.

Cooking with the bones in will result in more flavorful meat.

2.    Boneless, skinless chicken breast

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Although dark meat chicken provides more flavors, chicken breast seems to be more preferred because it is low in fat, healthy, and easily absorbs flavors from other spices and ingredients.

Chicken breast is the leanest part of the chicken and also the most expensive cut.

If you want to eat delicious dishes without sacrificing your health, this is a great cut to consider for tacos.

However, one thing to keep in mind when cooking chicken breast is not to overcook it, otherwise, your chicken meat will be dry and even chewy.

3.    Store-bought ground chicken  

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Ground chicken is another kind of chicken that is best for tacos.

You can easily find the ground chicken in any butcher shop, grocery store, or supermarket throughout the country.

Ground chicken is often stir-fried before adding to tacos with other chopped veggie ingredients like tomatoes, avocados, onion, cheese, and lettuce.

It is better if you know the butchers and can ask them to save some freshly ground chicken for you when you want to make some tacos for your family on weekends.

4.    Whole chicken

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A whole chicken might seem too much for tacos, but you actually do more things with it than just tacos.

Just give your chicken a slow roast or bake to achieve a flavorful, juicy, and crispy chicken.

After that, you can make use of the breast section or a thigh to make chicken tacos, while other parts can be served as the main course with side dishes.

It turns out to be a more economical way when using a whole chicken in this case.

The bottom line

Now you know that you can make the best tacos from chicken.

Either white meat or dark meat chicken can work in this Mexican-styled recipe, but make sure it is marinated or seasoned well so that you won’t end up with a bland dish.

So what cut of chicken would you like to try first in your next tacos?

Let us know in the comment below!