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3 Best Chicken For Shredding: What Cut Of Chicken Is Best For Shredding?

Shredded chicken is a healthier alternative to shredded pork or beef.

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However, it is important to choose the right cut of chicken for shredding so that you will not only have a healthier and nutritious dish but also delicious.

If you want great-tasting shredded chicken, keep reading for more useful information.

How to choose chicken for shredding?

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We all know that chicken is a staple in many households, and it is no surprise why,

Chicken can be used for plenty of different recipes, including making shredded meat.

So here are some tips that will help you choose the best chicken for shredding:

1.     Choose a cut of chicken with a lot of meat

The first thing you should keep in mind when choosing chicken for shredding is that a meaty cut of chicken is the best choice.

If you choose a cut like chicken wings, which are mainly made of skin and bone, there is not much meat to take and it is even hard to separate the meat from the bone and skin.

Therefore, just opt for a cut with a lot of meat like chicken breast or chicken legs to easier work with.

2.     Buy fresh free-range chicken for a healthier and tastier choice

Another tip to choose a good cut of chicken for shredding is to buy a fresh cut of free-range chicken.

Free-range chicken refers to the meat that is produced from the birds raised without the cage.

These birds are also often treated with an organic diet and a healthier lifestyle, so they produce higher-quality meat.

A fresh cut of free-range chicken is often pricier than regular commercial chicken, but it is worth a try and you can see the difference.

3.     Buy a whole chicken and use a small cut for shredding to save some money

The last tip we would like to suggest to help you have the best chicken for shredding is to buy a whole chicken to save some money.

When buying a whole chicken, you actually get a better price per pound of chicken.

You can use a small cut of that bird (breast or thighs) for shredding, while the rest can be used for other dishes.

3 best chicken for shredding

In general, the best cut of chicken for shredding is a cut that is well-marbled or fatty rather than a lean and dry cut like chicken loin or tenderloin.

So here we suggest the three best chicken cuts that can result in shreddings:                                              

1.     Chicken breast

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Chicken breast is a classic cut for making pulled chicken or shredded chicken.

It is the cut from the pectoral of the bird and is known as the leanest and most tender cut of chicken if properly cooked.

Chicken breast is white meat chicken and is reputed for being healthy due to the low-fat content.

It is often added to the diet of people who want to lose some fat and build muscle.

2.     Chicken thighs

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Chicken thighs are a great choice for shredding if you want a more flavorful cut of meat.

Whilst chicken breast is white meat with very little fat, chicken thighs are dark meat chicken with more fat.

Therefore, this cut has a juicier texture and richer taste.

Another thing that makes chicken thighs a favorite cut of many people is that it is cheaper than chicken breast.

It all depends on you to shred the chicken thigh skin to use in your recipe.

Otherwise, just remove it before cooking or before serving your pulled meat dish.

3.     Chicken drumsticks

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Chicken drumsticks are another dark meat cut of chicken that can be used for shredding.

This cut comes from the bottom portion of chicken legs, below the chicken thighs.

Chicken drumsticks are flavorful and juicy, and especially easy to take the meat out of the bone because there is only one small bone running lengthwise. 

The bottom line

Chicken breast is typically the best choice for making pulled chicken, but you can try chicken thighs too.

Remember that your cut of chicken should always be fresh and has no skin or bone when served.

Hopefully, this article has helped guide your choice in what type of protein to use when you want to make some shredded chicken for salads or tacos.

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