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3 Best Chicken Cuts For Quesadillas: How To Pick The Best Chicken For Quesadillas

Mexican food is a favorite of many people.

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It’s spicy, it’s flavorful, and the tortillas are always fresh.

One dish that has become particularly popular in recent years is quesadilla.

It is surprisingly versatile, as you can put just about anything inside it.

The cheese gives it an extra flavor boost, while the chicken adds protein to the meal.

But what type of chicken should you use?

This article will give you 2 tips on how to choose the best chicken for quesadillas and the top 3 chicken meats that work best for an extra-delicious treat!

How to Pick the Best Chicken for Quesadillas

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Use Your Leftover Chicken

Leftover chicken is a smart option for those who don’t have much time spending on seasoning and preparing the fresh chicken.

You can save a lot of time as well as money, and you can impress your children on the new dish that you’ve created.

Your family members will amaze at how the leftover chicken suits your quesadillas so well!

Pick Dark Meat Over White Meat

White meat, like breasts, can easily dry out if being overcooked.

In contrast, dark meat proves to be more flavorful and better texture than white meat does.

Also, dark meat is best for quesadillas because it releases more juices when cooked and doesn’t turn dry as quickly as white meat would.

Choose The Meat with Lower Fat Content

Obviously you will not want your quesadillas to look greasy.

The low-fat content chicken is a great option to go with since it provides the right amount of protein while the vegetables add fiber and vitamins to create a nutritious meal that satisfies cravings without adding excess calories.

Which Types of Chicken Work Best for Quesadillas

In addition to considering what kind of cheese you might want to use when making quesadillas, it’s also important to think about what type of meat or protein you’ll go with as well.

There are a lot of options out there–chicken is one of the most common choices because it tastes great with all kinds of cheeses and flavors!

Rotisserie Chicken

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Some believe rotisserie chicken produces the perfect flavor.

Rotisserie chickens are seasoned so well that they can be used in all sorts like soups, salads, casseroles, or even sandwiches.

Plus it’s already cooked! All you need to do is remove the skin and shred it up for your quesadilla filling.

Pressure Cooked Thighs

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A great way to get more flavor out of your quesadillas is by using dark meat.

Chicken thighs will not dry up as quickly when cooked, which makes them the perfect ingredient for this dish! When chicken thighs are prepared with a pressure cooker, they will bring a soft texture, and can turn into shredded chicken – which is the right pair of quesadillas.

Seasoned Chicken Breasts

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Boneless skinless breast meat is also a recommended option for your quesadillas.

They will have the right tenderness and juiciness when being cooked properly, but don’t really add any additional flavor to the dish.

If you don’t want your chicken quesadillas to taste bland, then make sure to season them before cooking.


Making a quesadilla can be as simple as grabbing some chicken and cheese from the fridge.

If you want to elevate your dish with fresh ingredients or inject it with delicious flavor then you need to know what kind of chicken is best for quesadillas.

When it comes to the best chicken, there are many options.

The most important factor is how you would like to cook your meat before adding any other ingredients.

We hope this article will give you an idea on the best chicken for your next quesadillas!

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