3 Best Chicken For Kabobs: Are All Cuts Of Chicken Good For Kabobs?

chicken for kabob

Kabobs are great when made with beef, but chicken turns out to be a delicious but healthier option.

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If you are looking for the best cut of chicken for kabobs, look no further than this post.

We are going to show you some good chicken cuts that go perfectly in a kabob recipe as well as the tips to choose these cuts.

Let’s check it out!

How to choose chicken for kabobs?

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Making kabobs can be a lot of fun with an eye-catching appearance of the resulting dish.

They are easy to make, but you can also enjoy the deliciousness by choosing the right chicken.

So the following tips will help you pick up and process the best chicken for this Middle Eastern recipe:

1.    Fresh chicken tastes better than frozen chicken

Nobody can deny how delicious it is when used fresh meat is in the cooking recipe.

Therefore, when shopping for chicken for kabobs, you should look for a fresh cut from your local butcher.

You can also buy air-chilled chicken from a grocery store or supermarket because it contains less water and fewer bacteria thanks to the air-chilling process.

2.    Boneless, skinless chicken is a more suitable option

If you want to make chicken kabobs, it is better to buy a boneless, skinless cut of chicken.

The reason is that the chicken will be sliced into small cubes (chunks) and pierced through a skewer so it will be easier to work with a cut without any bone and skin.

If you find it too dry when grilling, just give your chicken skewers a slight baste of oil or some kind of sauce.

3.    Buy chicken in bulk for a better price

Chicken kabobs are very suitable for a party on any occasion.

Therefore, you should buy chicken in bulk to get a better price.

You can buy a whole chicken or a lot of one cut like chicken breast or chicken thigh to save some money and make plenty of delicious chicken skewers to serve your guests.

Best chicken for kabobs

Chicken kabobs can be made from either white meat chicken or dark meat chicken.

The key is that the cut of chicken should be meaty and boneless so that it is easy to cut up the meat and serve on the skewers.

So here are some best cuts of chicken that can perfectly go in your kabob recipe:

1.    Chicken breast fillet

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Chicken breast fillet is the leanest and most tender cut of chicken.

It is also the most expensive cut that can be used in different recipes.

Chicken breast fillet or chicken breast can both work, but don’t overcook them or your kabob will be relatively dry due to the less fat content.

2.    Boneless, skinless chicken thighs

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If you prefer a juicier texture and a more flavorful taste, chicken thighs will be a good choice.

Boneless, skinless chicken thighs can work great in place of chicken breast in any recipe, including chicken kabobs.

The thighs are very meaty so you can easily cut them into chunks of meat to serve on the skewers.

Moreover, chicken thighs are also more affordable compared to chicken breast, making them a common choice for most people from different classes.

3.    A whole chicken

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You can even buy a whole chicken to make use of some meat for your kabob recipe.

Buying a whole chicken will cost more money, but it turns out to be cheaper per pound.

You can take some meat from any cut of the chicken like breast, thighs, or drumsticks and use the rest for other dishes.

Another advantage of using a whole chicken is that it is often sold fresh whereas cut-up chicken can be frozen for easier transportation and storage.

The bottom line

Kabobs are a favorite dish that is suitable for any occasion.

It can be made from beef or chicken.

In case you want to eat deliciously without sacrificing your health or weight, chicken is the way to go.

Either white meat chicken or dark meat chicken, without the skin and bone, can work in this recipe.

Hopefully, our article has helped you know what to find in the meat section of any grocery store to have the best skewers.