5 Best Chicken Cuts For Jewish Chicken Soup – Simple Tips And Tricks To Successfully Make Your Own Jewish Soup At Home!

chicken for jewish chicken soup

Everyone has their own idea of what makes the best Jewish chicken soup.

Some people think that kosher chickens are better for cooking because they are healthier, but others prefer to use organic free-range chickens.

This post will show you how to choose the perfect chicken for your Jewish chicken soup and make it taste amazing! 

How to choose the best chicken for Jewish chicken soup?

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Jewish chicken soup is a staple in the Jewish diet and tradition.

It symbolizes warmth, comfort and love.

Many people will wait all year to make this recipe, so it’s important that you find the best chicken possible for your recipe.

1. Choose a whole chicken, not just the breasts or thighs

A whole chicken is the best option when making a Jewish-style soup.

The wings and thighs can be used in different ways than just roasting them since they will make up most of your stock for this rich dish, while also saving you some cleanup time with their bones!

2. Choose skinless, boneless cuts of meat

The best chicken for a Jewish soup is one without skin or bones.

Skinless, boneless cuts of meat work better than whole birds because they have more surface area which means the flavor will be distributed throughout your dish instead just on top like when you use bone-in pieces do with luscious bubbling broth to mop up every last drop from those soggy noodles!

3. It should be at least 2 pounds

The best way to make a delicious and warming chicken soup is by using the freshest ingredients possible.

It should be at least 2 pounds of white meat, which will give you more tasty options in your final dish!

4. Can purchase bone-in thighs and drumsticks instead

The best way to make a chicken soup recipe is by starting with whole, fresh birds.

If you can’t find these, be sure and purchase bone-in thighs and drumsticks instead as they will have more meat on them than just one or two lower cut parts such as breasts that might not meet your taste preferences otherwise!

5 best cuts of chicken for Jewish chicken soup

Chicken soup is a staple of Jewish cooking.

The most popular way to make it is with chicken, onions, celery, carrots and herbs like parsley.

This may be the best cut for this type of soup because it will stay tender during the long cooking time.

There are other options that can work well too though! 

Here are some cuts worth considering:

1. Boneless skinless breast

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The best cut of chicken for Jewish chicken soup is called “boneless skinless breast.” This type has a rich, deep flavor and provides all the nutrients you need to make it through cold weather.

It’s also easy on your budget since these birds cost less than most other meat alternatives!

2. Bone-in skinless thigh

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For some people, the best cut of chicken for soup is bone-in skinless thighs.

This might be because it’s tough but also contains more collagen than other parts of an animal’s body which helps with rehabilitation after being injured or sick!

3. Bone-in skinless drumstick

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There is no better way to warm up on a cold day than with some healthy, tasty soup! When it comes time for you and your family or friends (or whoever) make this dish there’s one thing that will always be present: the bone-in skinless drumstick.

One of the best cuts for making a delicious and hearty soup is bone-in skinless drumstick.

These pieces have an abundance flavor that will pair well with any type or spice you add, whether it’s cayenne or curry!

4. Leg quarters with thighs and drumsticks attached

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For best results, use the leg quarters with thighs and drumsticks attached.

They are one of the most popular cuts for chicken soup in Jewish cuisine because they have a lot of flavors without being too fatty or tenderizing them to an unrecognizable form!

5. Wings

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The best cut of chicken for making a delicious, homey soup is called wings.

The flavor and tenderness are perfect when cooked with bones to bring extra nutrients into your meal.


As you can see, there are many factors to consider when selecting the right chicken for your Jewish chicken soup.

We hope this post helped you make an informed decision about what kind of bird is best suited for your recipe needs.

Happy cooking!