4 Best Chicken For Grilling: Four Chicken Cuts Will Surely Result In The Best Grill Chicken Dish

chicken for grilling

If you are looking for a good cut of chicken that is perfect for grilling, look no further.

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In this article, we are not only going to provide you with some suggestions for the best chicken cuts for grilling but also the tips to choose these cuts to make sure that your chicken dish will always end up flavorful, tender, and juicy.

Let’s get started!

How to choose chicken for grilling?

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Now, let’s grab some tips to choose chicken for your next grilling party

1.    Buy fresh chicken only

Fresh chicken is always superior to frozen or stale chicken.

You can find the freshest cut of chicken in your local butcher shop where they sell chicken that has already been slaughtered.

In grocery stores or supermarkets, look for air-chilled chicken because it is fresh and doesn’t contain excess water.

It is best to make friends with local butchers so that they can notify you when they have the best chicken for your grilling recipe.

2.    Keep the bone and skin intact

Another key factor to choose the best chicken for grilling is to keep the bone and skin intact.

Many people remove the bones before cooking because they believe that it will help cook and eat easier, however, keeping the bones in the chicken cut actually makes your dish more flavorful.

Regarding chicken skin, it is believed that most fat is found under the skin of the poultry and it is not good for our health.

In fact, you can keep the skin while grilling so that the rendered fat can help moisten and flavor the meat.

It is not too late to discard the skin just before serving.

3.    Check the weight to make sure you have enough for your meal

Normally, the weight of the chicken cut is often printed on the label of the chicken package.

Therefore, you can easily check how much weight it is to have a proper purchase.

Since the size of the chicken cut will not shrink a lot after being grilled compared to other methods like stewing or dehydrating.

Therefore, just buy a sufficient amount of chicken to fit your family consumption and do not have leftovers.

4.    Should not buy pre-seasoned chicken

There are many types of chicken that are sold with a rub or marinade sauce.

That means the chicken is already seasoned and you only need to cook it right from the package.

However, our recommendation is to not buy this kind of pre-seasoned chicken.

When working with a plain cut of chicken, you can wash it after purchasing and marinate it with whatever you like.

Buying a pre-seasoned chicken might not satisfy your family’s taste buds and you cannot control what they put in your chicken.

Best four cuts of chicken for grilling

It’s time to delve into each cut of chicken that is perfect for grilling:

1.    Bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs

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Bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs will be a great option for your next grilling recipe.

Chicken thigh is dark meat chicken that has a firm texture and flavorful taste.

When keeping the bone and skin intact, you can even get a more tasty resulting dish.

Grilling over direct heat can help render out the fat under the skin, so don’t worry that your dish will be too greasy.

2.    Chicken wings

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Chicken wings are also an ideal cut for grilling.

Chicken wings are always sold with the bones and skin because it is hard to remove these parts from the wings without messing up the cut.

To grill chicken wings evenly, you can cut them into the drumettes and wingettes before cooking.

Chicken wings are also an affordable cut that can be easily found in any butcher shop or grocery store.

3.    Chicken legs

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Chicken legs are a cut that contains the chicken thighs (in the top) and chicken drumsticks (in the bottom).

This means you will have a lot more meat when buying this cut, and save more money.

Chicken legs often come with the bones and skin intact, making them perfect for grilling.

4.    Chicken breasts

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Last but not least, chicken breast can also work well in your next grilling party.

This cut is less flavorful and more tender than other dark meat chicken parts that are mentioned earlier due to the low fat content.

Therefore, keep your eyes on the grill while cooking chicken breast to not dry it out.

This lean cut will be perfect to add to the diet of those who want to lose some weight and build muscles.

The bottom line

Hopefully, our article has helped you with some tips to have the best grill chicken.

In general, there are not too many cuts of chicken to choose from, but the key is to have a fresh cut with the bone and skin intact.

You can use both white meat chicken or dark meat chicken in the grilling recipe, but make sure to keep your eyes on the cooking process to not burn or dry it out.