3 Best Chicken Meat For Frying: How To Get The Best Fried Chicken

chicken for frying

Everyone loves to eat fried chicken.

It’s moist and tender, absorbs marinades well, and its crispy skin gives it just the right crunch.

It suits well with every occasion: a quick meal, a friend’s date night, or even family gatherings.

However, not everyone knows how to make the perfect fried chicken.

When it comes to cooking your own fried chicken, what kind of chicken should you use to make fried chicken?

In this article, we will share our top choices for the best type of meat to use when making fried chicken at home and how to choose the best chicken for frying.

How to Choose the Best Chicken for Frying?

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Many people have a favorite type of fried chicken.

Whether it is crispy, spicy, or hot and spicy you can find a style that suits your taste buds.

However, no matter what kind of chicken you prefer there are some things to consider when buying it for frying.

Look at the color, smell, and texture

You don’t want to purchase a chicken with dark and bruised skin.

A good chicken to make fried chicken has yellowish or milky skin.

If the skin is not damaged and the meat springs back when you press it, then it might be fresh and good for frying.

Also, check to see if there is any blood coming out of your chicken If there’s no blood then it should be okay.

Another thing to take into consideration is the smell.

Fresh chicken usually has a distinct poultry smell.

If your chicken has some weird odor like urine or ammonia, then you might need to double-check with the provider.

Choose between dark meat or white meat

When examining different cuts of chicken breast, one can see that there are two types: white and dark meat.

Dark meat has more fat in it than white meat, so it is juicier but also less lean.

Depending on which style of fried chicken you want to make, you can choose the fattier piece of meat or the leaner meat.

Make sure the meat is not previously frozen

When you’re making fried chicken, the quality of your meat will determine how well it tastes.

Ensure the meat has not been previously frozen because once it has been thawed, this will cause various problems with cooking time and moisture content within the meat which will affect how well your fried chicken turns out.

What Are the Best Parts to Make Fried Chicken

Chicken drumsticks

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Drumsticks are the best meat for making fried chicken.

The skin is thin and crispy, while still being juicy after frying with a light buttermilk coating that won’t overwhelm your senses!

They can be cut into bite-sized pieces easily if needed as well – perfect when you’re cooking up some extra drumstick delicacies like delicious deep-fried turkey legs or crunchy homemade wings.

What is more, they are fairly inexpensive to buy, and you can easily grasp them at the grocer!

Chicken wings

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Wings are easy to cook and don’t require as much oil as their counterparts do.

You’re only cooking the bones and skin for about 10 minutes total in hot oil (or lard), they come out succulent and crisp on the outside while remaining juicy inside.

A good way to fry them is by double-frying them first at a lower temperature than usual.

Whole Chicken

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There are several types that can be used for this dish, but the best one would have to be fresh whole chicken.

Whole chickens fry up quicker than pieces of meat do because they cook more evenly throughout.

This means less time frying and crispier crusts on every single piece!

Plus, since whole chickens come pre-cut into parts (legs, thighs, wings) cooking them this way provides a much easier meal prep experience without having to spend hours cutting up raw poultry yourself!

The Bottom Line

Chicken is the best meat to use for fried chicken.

It’s moist and tender, absorbs marinades well, and its crispy skin gives it just the right crunch.

We hope you found this post helpful, and it will help you make the best fried chicken possible.

Let us know your other secret tips for making the best fried chicken in the comments below!