Chicken Fingers: 6 Side Dishes For Everyone

chicken finger side dish

If you’re looking for some ideas to serve as side dishes with chicken fingers, look no further!

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This post will provide a variety of suggestions that are sure to please.

Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more complex, there is definitely something here for you.

So, get cooking and enjoy your tasty meal!

What are chicken fingers?

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Chicken fingers are pieces of chicken meat that are usually shaped into a finger-like shape.

These pieces are then breaded and fried, turning them crispy on the outside with a soft inside.

They can be served as an appetizer or snack food, but they can also be used in cooking other dishes like soups or salads!

The history of this dish is not too well known, but it is believed to have originated in Europe.

There are many different variations of the recipe today depending on where you live around the globe – some countries will use more spices than others for example.

What to consider when choosing a chicken fingers’ side dish?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a side dish for chicken fingers.

The blog post will go into more detail about what you should consider before making your decision.

1. Avoid anything with mayonnaise, such as macaroni salad

Macaroni salad is a classic chicken fingers side dish, but it’s best to avoid mayonnaise.

Instead, try some fresh vegetables like corn or broccoli for an alternative that won’t weigh you down!

2. Avoid any cold dish

A chicken fingers side dish should be a warm one, such as beans or rice.

Avoid cold dishes like coleslaw to maintain the perfect temperature for your mouth-watering meal!

3. Don’t get something that’s too spicy

To avoid burning your tongue and sacrificing taste, consider ordering a side dish that is not too spicy.

The flavor of the food should still come through even if you’re eating something else with it so don’t get anything overpowering like ketchup or hot sauce!

4. Don’t get a side dish that is high in calories

When it comes time to choose a side dish for your chicken fingers meal, don’t get stuck with an unhealthy option like French fries or chips.

Instead, opt for something healthier and more nutritious such as vegetables!

6 best side dishes to serve with chicken fingers

Choosing the right-side dish to go with your chicken fingers is key.

Whether it’s a simple green salad or something more decadent like mashed potatoes and gravy, we’ve got you covered! Check out these delicious ideas:

1. Vegetable medley

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The perfect side dish to serve with chicken fingers is a vegetable medley.

It’s one of those foods that tastes great, but isn’t really looked at as an ingredient in most dishes because it just goes along for the ride and does its job–to make everything taste better!

2. Baked beans

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Baked beans are a classic side dish to serve with chicken fingers.

They’re not only delicious, but they also have plenty of vitamins and minerals that can help fill you up if your meal was less than stellar!

3. Rice pilaf with vegetables and herbs

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One of the best side dishes to serve with chicken fingers is rice pilaf.

It’s a simple, but delicious dish made from brown or white rice that combines herbs like thyme and sage along with vegetables such as carrots for extra flavor in every bite!

4. Garlic mashed potatoes

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The best side dish to serve with chicken fingers is, without a doubt: garlic mashed potatoes.

You will be impressed by the way they combine rich creaminess from butter and milk as well as big crunchy cloves that melt in your mouth!

5. Asparagus in a lemon butter sauce

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The sweet and tangy taste of Asparagus in a lemon butter sauce is one that will make your dinner even more special.

A perfect pairing with chicken fingers, you can’t go wrong!

6. Corn on the cob with garlic salt and lime juice

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The perfect side dish to serve with chicken fingers is corn on the cob, made even more delicious when partnered up and seasoned perfectly.

The sweetness of an ear fresh from your garden will be sure to hit all members’ taste buds!


Side dishes are an important part of any meal.

Whether you serve them with your chicken fingers or as a side to another dish, they should be easy and delicious.

The items we’ve provided here will give you plenty of options for tasty sides that go well with fried chicken strips.