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5 Good Side Dishes For Chicken Dumplings

Chicken dumplings are a staple of many cuisines, but there is no single perfect side dish.

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This is because everyone has their favorite way to enjoy them.

This article will explore the top five possible serving suggestions for your next chicken dumpling meal.

Read on to find out what works best for your palate.

What are chicken dumplings?

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Chicken dumplings, or chicken and dumplings, are dumplings with a chicken filling that are boiled in chicken broth.

This is a great winter meal and best to be served hot.

Unlike the traditional Chinese dumplings that are steamed and served dry, chicken and dumplings are considered a soup dish.

It is rich, flavorful, and can be eaten at any meal of the day.

What to consider when choosing a chicken dumplings’ side dish?

Do you know how to make sure that what side dish you are going to make will be perfect to serve with chicken and dumplings?

Well, here are some tips that can help you choose the right side dish for chicken dumplings:

Chicken dumplings work with a sweet, sour, or savory side dish

The good news is that chicken dumplings work best with all flavors, from sweetness to sourness and a savory taste.

However, it should be a savory dish with a sweet or sour note instead of a completely sweet taste like dessert.

Choose a dish that is a contrast in color for a more beautiful presentation

Another thing that you should take into account when choosing a good side dish for your chicken dumplings is to make a dish with a contrasting color to the main course.

In this case, since chicken dumplings have a white pale color, you can have a beautifully presented meal with a side dish that is red, yellow, green, or any vibrant color.

Consider the time you have to prepare the meal from chicken dumplings and other side dishes

Although there are many options of side dishes to choose from, you should consider the one that you have enough time to make.

Don’t look for a recipe that is too complicated and takes a lot of time to make while you are in a hurry.

5 best side dishes to serve with chicken dumplings

Chicken dumplings are great to be eaten on their own, but you can create an incredible and unforgettable meal by using the following recipes for your side dish options:

1.      Green salads

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Green salads are often made from leafy greens like spinach, lettuce, or cabbage that are finely chopped, with some tomatoes, olives, and avocado.

The mixture of raw vegetables is then coated with olive oil, mayo, or any kind of salad dressing you like.

Green salads are great to pair with chicken dumplings as they provide a crunchy texture and a refreshing flavor.

2.      Sauteed vegetables

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Sauteed vegetables are also a great choice to serve with chicken dumplings.

Because there are no vegetables in the chicken and dumplings recipe, you should serve it with a side dish that is packed with a lot of vegetables so that you can balance out the taste and get more healthy nutrients from this ingredient.

3.     Corn pudding

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Corn pudding is also another common side dish to serve with chicken dumplings.

This side dish is easy to make and inexpensive.

The slightly sweet flavor of corn pudding makes it perfect to pair with the savory taste of chicken dumplings.

4.     Scrambled eggs

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You can even pair chicken dumplings with some scrambled eggs for a complete meal to serve at any meal of the day.

This combination provides you with enough protein and nutrients that benefit your health in different ways.

Scrambled eggs can be done within a minute and are very easy to eat.

5.     Pickles

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If you are looking for something with a sour taste to complement the flavor of chicken dumplings, pickles can be a great option.

Pickles are often made from vegetables with a crunchy texture.

This side dish is affordable and easy to make, and it can help boost your appetite to eat more chicken and dumplings.

The bottom line

There are even more chicken dumplings’ side dishes for you to choose from than what we have compiled, but it really boils down to your preference.

You can stick with a neutral and easy-to-eat dish like salads, a fuller option like corn pudding, or pickles to add a sour note and crunchy texture.

If you are still unsure, try all of our suggestions and let your taste buds decide which side dish goes best with chicken dumplings.

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