6 Must-try Side Dishes For Chicken Chili

chicken chili side dish

Chicken chili is a delicious option for a winter weeknight meal.

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If you love this dish, but don’t know what to serve with it to complete your meal, then you are in the right place.

This post will give you a list of mouth-watering side dishes that will perfectly complement your chicken chili.

So go ahead and give one of these sides a try, you won’t be disappointed!

What is chicken chili?

Who doesn’t like a warm, hearty bowl of chicken chili?

There are many variants for a chicken chili depending on personal preference.

However, a typical chicken chili recipe will include shredded chicken breast that is slow-cooked with light cream cheese, beans, corn, salsa verde, bell pepper, spices, and a favorite kind of sauce.

Chicken chili can come in different flavors due to the ingredients, especially the sauce used in the recipe.

It is also very healthy with nutrients from different groups: lean protein from chicken breast, fiber from beans, antioxidants from tomatoes, and vitamin C from bell peppers.

Despite the difference between variants, the resulting dish is always creamy and rich in both texture and flavor, making it perfect for a winter meal.

What to consider when choosing a chicken chili’s side dish?

Chicken chili is a delicious and hearty dish that works well with different side dishes.

But how do you know which one will work best with your chicken chili?

Here are some tips from us that can help you choose the right accompaniment every time you have chicken chili on the table:

Consider the flavor profile of the chicken chili

When it comes to chicken chili, we refer to different variants of this dish.

This means it can come with different flavor profiles, from sweet to savory and spicy with particular notes from the ingredients.

Therefore, to choose the right side dish for your chicken chili, you should determine the flavor of the main dish first.

For example, if your chili is already spicy, the accompaniment should be milder in taste.

If the chicken chili is sweet, a tangy or sour side dish will be a good choice.

Consider between a starchy side or a vegetable side

The creamy and rich texture of chicken chili makes it perfect when paired with either a starchy or a vegetable side dish.

It all depends on your needs and preference to choose between these two options.

While a starchy side can help you fuller, a vegetable companion is more nutritious, lighter, and healthier.

6 best side dishes to serve with chicken chili

It’s time to figure out which side dish is best to serve with chicken chili among the following six suggestions from us:

1.     Garlic bread

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Garlic bread is our first option to serve with your chicken chili.

This side dish is easy to make with some slices of bread (or toast) topped with butter and garlic before being grilled.

The resulting dish will have a buttery and aromatic flavor of butter and garlic, turning a simple toast or bread into a much more flavorful and delicious accompaniment to serve with chicken chili.

2.     Green salad

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You can also serve your chicken chili with a green salad.

Freshly chopped raw vegetables like tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and lettuce drizzled with olive oil and a tangy salad dressing will be best to offset the rich taste of chicken chili.

3.     Sauteed vegetables

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Sauteed vegetables are another good option to accompany chicken chili.

Mushrooms, broccoli, or green beans are some perfect choices for sauteing.

The earthy note from these kinds of vegetables works as a nice addition to creamy and rich chicken chili.

4.     Baked potatoes with cheese

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Baked potatoes with cheese on top are the fourth suggestion from us.

You can opt for either regular or sweet potatoes in this recipe.

But don’t forget to sprinkle some spices and shredded cheese on top before baking to have the best result.

5.     Cornbread

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For those who are looking for a more filling side dish to serve with your chicken chili, cornbread will be a good choice.

Cornbread is a classic dish in American cuisine, and it is very easy to make from inexpensive ingredients.

6.     Quinoa

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Another starchy side dish to serve with chicken chili is quinoa.

Quinoa is way better than rice because it is lower in carbs, but higher in other nutrients, while still having the same fluffy and starchy texture and keeping you full.

The bottom line

We have provided the six side dishes that are great when paired with your chicken chili.

Which side dish do you think would be the best to accompany a hot bowl of chicken chili?

The answer is subjective, but hopefully, you can give all of them a try and you can pick one that you prefer the most.