How To Choose Between Chicken Bouillon Granules & Powder For Soup, Broth Or Any Other Recipe That Requires Liquid

chicken bouillon granules vs chicken powder

There are a lot of options for the type of bouillon you can use in your cooking.

If you’re looking to make soup, broth, or any other recipe that requires liquid, then it’s important to know the difference between chicken bouillon granules and powder.

In this article, you will learn to differentiate these two ingredients, then you can experience and decide which one is better for you.

What are chicken bouillon granules?

Bouillon is a type of seasoned broth that can be used for cooking or just adding flavor to dishes.

It comes from the French word “bouillir,” which means to boil.

Chicken bouillon granules are chicken stock that is dehydrated and ground into granulated form.

They are pre-seasoned and used to enhance the flavors of soups, gravies, or any dish that would normally use water or broth.

Lately, there has been an increase in the popularity of homemade soup recipes using chicken bouillon granules instead of canned or boxed broths so that you know exactly what goes into your food.

What is chicken powder?

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The chicken powder is a product that has been used for centuries by many cultures.

It’s made of whole, natural ingredients and is created through pressure-cooking to extract the pure flavor.

The chicken powder can be used in liquid dishes or sprinkled on anything from meats to vegetables, or even desserts.

The benefits of using chicken powder are numerous! One benefit is that it provides extra protein with every bite you take, which helps maintain muscle mass while dieting or recovering from illness or injury.

Another benefit is that it contains less sodium than traditional table salt, so it’s perfect for those who need to watch their sodium intake like people with high blood pressure and pregnant women.

What are the differences between chicken bouillon granules vs powder?

Country-style pork ribs and baby back ribs are two different cuts from a pig.

Therefore, they must have had a lot of differences, which you can find in the comparison table below for details:

 Chicken bouillon granulesChicken powder
FlavorStronger because chicken bouillon granules are more concentrated, fattier, and sweeterMilder but more savory
Ease of useEasier to dissolve so that you can directly add chicken bouillon granules to the dish while cookingShould be dissolved completely with water before adding to the dish
Sodium contentLess sodium so that it will be a better choice for those who stick with a less-sodium dietMore sodium, more suitable for those who prefer savory taste
PriceMore expensive because it is usually sold in small amountCheaper

What are the similarities between chicken bouillon granules vs powder?

Chicken bouillon granules and chicken powder are actually the same deep-down.

Although they have many differences that are listed above, there are also numerous similarities they share with each other.

1. They are both the concentrated form of chicken broth

Chicken powder and chicken bouillon granules might have a slight difference in their tastes, however, the preparation to make them is the same by dehydrating chicken broth that is in the liquid form.

2. They can be used interchangeably in many recipes

These two dry versions of chicken broth can be substituted with each other in many stew or soup recipes without making any huge difference in the flavor.

They are all dissolved to return to the liquid form when making the aforementioned dishes, although chicken powder seems to be more suitable to sprinkle over some other dishes.

3. They last long if properly stored

Thanks to the dry form, chicken powder and chicken bouillon granules can last years if you know how to properly store these cooking ingredients.

Always keep them in airtight containers in a dry place that is away from the heat and direct sunlight, then you will have them available for the long term in your kitchen countertop.

Which one is better?

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In this article, you have learned the difference between chicken bouillon granules and powder.

Both are great options for your cooking needs; however, what’s best for you may depend on how much time you have to spend in the kitchen or if it is more of an emergency situation where all that matters is getting food into your stomach as quickly as possible.

In general, they will both do just fine, so pick whichever your taste buds prefer!

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