7 Best Wine Pairings For Chicken Alfredo

chicken alfredo wine side dish

Chicken Alfredo is a classic dish that has been enjoyed for decades.

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It’s the favorite comfort food for many and can be made with or without pasta.

The sauce is creamy and cheesy, making it an extremely satisfying meal.

With so many possible variations of chicken alfredo, you might be wondering what type of wine would pair well with this dish to create a more romantic and restaurant-quality meal.

Let’s find out in this blog post!

What is chicken alfredo?

Chicken alfredo is a popular Italian dish consisting of chicken and a white sauce.

The sauce is usually made with chicken broth, cream, butter, parmesan cheese, and other spices.

It’s often served with breadsticks as an appetizer and is very easy to make at home.

The recipe originates in Italy but has also become popular in the United States and many other countries worldwide.

7 best wine pairings for chicken alfredo

In case you want to serve something with chicken alfredo to make it heartier but don’t have time to prepare or cook a dish, here are the seven wine pairings that will make your main course taste better with ease:


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Chardonnay is a white wine made from grapes of the same name.

It’s best known for its buttery notes and good with pasta dishes such as chicken alfredo.

You can usually find it at any restaurant or store that sells wine.

Look for a bottle with some age to it since most young chardonnays lack complexity and flavor.


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Orvieto is a white wine from Umbria in Italy that is made from the Sagrantino grape.

It’s an excellent match for chicken Alfredo because of its dry, crisp finish and high acidity, which cuts through the dish’s creaminess.

Orvieto has aromas of honey, stone fruit, and almonds; it’s lively on the palate with a tart finish that cleanses your palate and prepares you for another bite of pasta or chicken.

Pinot Grigio

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Pinot Grigio is a dry white wine with a light body and a crisp, fruity flavor.

It’s the perfect choice for chicken alfredo because it pairs well with bold flavors like garlic and cheese but doesn’t overpower the dish.

You can also pair Pinot Grigio with shrimp scampi or salmon.

It has aromas of pear and lime that lead into flavors of white peach and lemon zest; it’s crisp yet full-bodied with a long finish that makes it an ideal pairing for creamy chicken alfredo.


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Barbera is a red wine grape that’s grown in the Piedmont region of Italy.

It is used to make both still and sparkling wines, and it’s also known as the “red wine of kings.”

It produces full-bodied wines with fruity flavors, and many consider Barbera to be one of Italy’s most underrated grapes.

Barbera has good acidity and should be served at room temperature.

Barbera pairs well with roasted meats, like a rack of lamb or beef tenderloin.

It’s also great with pasta dishes like veal piccata, chicken alfredo, or Bolognese sauce.

Pinot Noir

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Pinot noir is a red wine grape variety associated with Burgundy and Beaujolais.

It’s also known to be one of the lightest-bodied reds, making it an ideal choice for pairing with chicken alfredo.

The winemakers at Vincor Vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake (Ontario) recommend pairing Pinot Noirs from their region with this dish as they contain just enough tannin to cut through the creaminess of the sauce.

If you can’t find one locally, try a California Pinot Noir from producers such as Robert Mondavi or Silverado Vineyards.

For a lighter Pinot Noir, try the Vincor Brut Rose.

It’s got all the flavor of Pinot Noir but with significantly less body.

If you still feel like something richer, try their Niagara Icewine dessert wine instead.

Sauvignon Blanc

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Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine grape variety originating in the Bordeaux region of France.

It is also known as Fumé Blanc and Pouilly Fumé, which is commonly used in Burgundy.

It has become one of the most popular grapes in New World regions, especially New Zealand and California.

Sauvignon Blanc is known for its vibrant, crisp flavors and aromas that range from grassy to citrusy.

It can be enjoyed on its own or paired with various dishes.


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Gamay is a red wine grape variety that is widely grown in the Burgundy region of France.

The name Gamay means “cluster” in the language of the Burgundy region.

The grape has been grown there since at least the Middle Ages when it was called Pinot Gamay.

This grape produces light, fruity, and easy-to-drink wines that are often consumed young.

Gamay can also be blended with other grapes to make several different styles of wine, including Beaujolais and Coteaux du Layon.

The wines made from this grape are generally light-bodied with fruity notes like green apple and cherry.


We hope you enjoyed learning about the different wines you can serve with chicken alfredo.

It’s important to remember that good wine can enhance the flavor of your meal.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different wines and styles until you find what works for you.