Carrot Seed Oil Vs Carrot Seed Essential Oil: Are These Two Kinds Of Oil Actually The Same Thing?

Carrots are not only good for your eyes, but they can also be good for your skin and cooking.

But have you ever heard of or used carrot oil?

Carrot seed oils made from carrot seeds have been found to have some interesting uses.

Let’s find out what is the difference between carrot seed oil and carrot essential seed oil in this article and figure out if they are one thing or not.

What is special about carrot seed oil?

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There’s a lot to love about carrot seed oil.

This multi-use oil is made by infusing vegetable oil with the seeds of wild carrots, which are native to North Africa, Europe, and Asia.

The plant grows widely in these areas and has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of ailments.

The health benefits associated with carrot seed extract include its ability to improve circulation and tone skin cells due to its high vitamin A content—making it ideal for use during winter months when our bodies need extra nourishment from within!

Additionally, because this oil contains several fatty acids such as linoleic acid (which helps reduce inflammation), oleic acid (which helps protect against UV damage), and palmitic acid (which adds luster) – we’re bound to see glowing results!

What is special about carrot essential seed oil?

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Carrot essential seed oil is extracted from the seeds of wild carrots (Queen Anne’s Lace).

Carrot seed essential oil is extracted from the seeds through steam distillation or cold-pressed extraction methods.

It has been used since ancient times as an anti-inflammatory agent, anti-bacterial substance, and skin toner; however, it’s most popularly known as an aromatherapy treatment that can help boost immunity while reducing stress levels.