Can You Refreeze Bacon? How To Freeze Cooked Bacon In The Freezer For Up To 3 Months?

can you refreeze bacon

Can you refreeze bacon? That is a question that many people have asked themselves when they have just cooked some bacon and want to use it for the next few days or in the future.

The answer, however, isn’t as simple as yes or no.

In order to give the best answer possible, we need to take into account a few things first.

Let’s accompany us in this article and delve into this topic.

Should we freeze bacon?

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You are probably wondering, should we freeze bacon? Well, this is actually a great way to preserve bacon for a long period of time.

Especially if you have just bought a bunch of bacon on sale and want to stock up so that this versatile ingredient is always available in your kitchen whenever you crave some.

However, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to freezing bacon.

You can have uncooked or already cooked bacon on hand, and each will have a different way of freezing as well as different shelf life.

Anyway, with a high ratio of fat and a high amount of salt in the curing process, bacon is likely to have a rancid taste even if being stored in the freezer.

So don’t really expect that your frozen bacon will be as delicious as initially, especially after a long time.

Is it OK to freeze bacon twice?

Deciding to refreeze bacon that is already defrosted or reheated is actually personal.

Some people believe you can, while others think you should never do this because it will ruin the meat’s quality and flavor.

In fact, it is safe to freeze bacon twice as long as you do it properly.

If you are thawing your frozen bacon in the fridge but suddenly change your plan and don’t need to use it, you totally can put it back in the freezer.

However, games change if your bacon is already reheated and served, and you want to refreeze the leftover, for instance, it should be completely cool before being frozen one more time.

Bacon can last up to several months in the freezer if properly stored.

But of course, it is hard to retain the delicious taste and crunchiness after two times of freezing, thawing, and reheating.

Does freezing bacon make it salty?

Some people believe that freezing bacon can make it saltier because it draws up some water from the bacon.

Therefore, when cooking frozen bacon, you will need to season less than usual and better give it a taste before serving.

What is the best way to freeze bacon?

Uncooked bacon


  • A freezer
  • A baking tray
  • Freezer wrap/ Freezer bag/ Airtight container
  • A marker


  1. If the package is unopened, just simply toss it in the freezer
  2. If the package of bacon is opened, transfer the content into a baking tray and wrap it with freezer wrap
  3. Put the tray into the freezer and freeze for a few hours until each strip of bacon is solid
  4. Place the frozen bacon strips into an airtight container and store them in the freezer (don’t forget to label them with the freezing date)

Cooked bacon


  • A freezer
  • Freezer wrap/ Freezer bag/ Airtight container
  • A marker


  1. Make sure the bacon is complete cool
  2. Divine it into serving portions and place in an airtight container (you can choose to wrap each slice with aluminum foil before putting them into a freezer bag or container)
  3. Use a marker to label the date of freezing


If you have ever been in a situation where the bacon has finished cooking and then realized that there’s no time to use it all right away, we have good news for you.

You can refreeze cooked bacon as long as it is still wrapped tightly with plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

As long as the food remains sealed properly, it should be safe from bacteria when consumed again after being taken out of the freezer.

However, it will be best to cook and consume fresh bacon that you have brought home from the grocery store, so consider buying an adequate amount of bacon at once.

On the other hand, if you want to save some money by buying bacon in bulk, you better divide them into serving portions.
So that when you want to cook them, just take one bag out of the freezer and don’t need to refreeze bacon again and again.