Can You Freeze Cooked Chicken Breast? Is Freezing Cooked Chicken Breast Okay As Freezing Raw Meat?

can you freeze cooked chicken breast

I love cooking chicken, but I hate dealing with leftovers.

Luckily, there are lots of ways to take care of that problem.

Don’t think about throwing it away as you can safely freeze cooked chicken breast for the long term with no negative effects on flavor or texture.

Let’s dig into this topic and learn some tips about freezing cooked chicken breast right now!

What is a chicken breast?

Chicken breast is the meat that comes from a chicken’s breast section, hence the name, and it’s often thought of as the leanest part of a chicken.

It can be cooked in a variety of ways, but it’s especially good for roasting or grilling to keep it tender and juicy.

Chicken breast is also high in protein, iron, potassium, vitamin B6, and omega-6 fatty acid, which makes it an excellent source of nutrients to nourish our health.

Chicken breast without bones or skin is often sold in supermarkets because it’s the most popular cut of chicken used by home cooks.

The boneless skinless breasts are easier, quicker to cook, and healthier, but bone-in skin-on chicken breasts are much more flavorful.

In general, chicken breasts will help you stay healthier while still being just as delicious when done right.

Can you freeze cooked chicken breast?

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Yes, you totally can freeze cooked chicken breast.

Freezing cooked chicken breast is an excellent way to lengthen the shelf life of the meat instead of leaving it at room temperature or just keeping it in the fridge.

Normally, you will need to freeze cooked chicken breast when you have bought a lot of chicken breasts in sales and want to make them ahead and prepare for future meals.

Or it might be simply just you want to utilize leftover chicken breasts and do not have any plan to consume these within the next week.

Does cooked chicken breast freeze well?

Yes, cooked chicken breast will not only be frozen but also freeze well.

However, it’s not as simple as just leaving the cooked chicken in the freezer.

In fact, there are a few tricks that allow you to maximize your time and effort, while still getting great results.

So how to freeze your cooked chicken breast correctly to not waste this excellent source of protein?

Check it out!

How do you freeze cooked chicken breast and reheat it?

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Freezing cooked chicken breast or any other ingredient properly is the key to keeping your food fresh after such a long time.

Let the cooked chicken breast cool down completely before freezing.

This is an important step because it prevents bacteria growth.

Always contain the cooked chicken breast in an airtight container or tightly sealed bag before putting it in your freezer.

Also, divide the cooked chicken breast into serving sizes before packaging.

That way, you can easily thaw and reheat a portion for each meal without being concerned about having extra leftovers in your fridge for too long.

To defrost cook chicken breast, it is best to do it gradually in the fridge from the previous night instead of letting it sit on the kitchen counter at room temperature.

Is it better to cook chicken then freeze or freeze then cook?

It is recommended to freeze raw meat, which means you should freeze then cook chicken breast rather than cook then freeze the meat.

The reason is simple: freezing cooked food can cause moisture loss and result in dry, porous pieces of meat that are more likely to get freezer burn.

However, it can also depend on the situation.

For example, if you buy raw chicken breasts for later use, then just keep them in the original package or divide them into suitable serving sizes then transfer them to your own zip lock bags or airtight containers before storing them in the freezer.

In this case, you can freeze raw meat easily while ensuring its quality.

But once you cooked your chicken and have leftovers, then you can only freeze cooked chicken.

As long as you freeze your chicken breast properly (refer to our guide), you can still keep it safe for the long term with minimum loss of flavor and texture, no matter if it is raw or cooked meat.


We hope this article answered all of your questions about how to freeze cooked chicken.

Now, feel free to get some of the best chicken breasts at an affordable price and store them in the freezer for later meals without worrying about their quality.

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