Is Pink Pork Sausage Safe To Eat? What Color Should A Pork Sausage Be When It Is Cooked?

Sausage is the common choice for making a quick breakfast, along with sunny side up egg and some slices of toast.

However, have you ever wondered why the sausage is still pink even when it’s cooked? And how do you know whether it’s safe or not to eat these pink sausages?

If you have the above concerns, be sure to check out this article.

We will walk you through several essential things to know about pork sausages: which color should they have, whether it is safe to eat undercooked sausages and so on.

What Color Should Pork Sausage Be?

When it comes to identifying the fresh sausage color, there are 2 factors to take note: the external appearance (the sausage case) and the internal appearance (the inside).

For raw sausage:

  • Sausage cases should have a clear white or pale yellow color.
  • You should see the color of the stuffed meat or herbs and spices like peppers displayed on the surface.
  • Sausage fillings: the inside should have deep pink color.

For cooked sausage:

  • Sausage cases should stick into the stuffed meat inside so the color is not that clear to distinguish with the fillings
  • Sausage fillings: Cooked pork sausages will have brown or deep red color based on the type of pork that are stuffed.

Are Some Sausages Pink When Cooked?

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Color is not an exact factor to know if the sausage is fully cooked or not.

There are also cases that the cooked sausages don’t turn red or brown.

Some types of sausages such as minced meat sausage or the salty cured sausage, the pink color still remains like the raw one when being cooked.

There is a way to decide if your sausages are cooked is using a thermometer for checking the thermometer.

If the temperature is from 165 degrees F onwards, the sausage is cooked and safe to consume.

However, if you slice the sausage and realize that the inside is still pink and running, it probably needs more time.

Is Slightly Undercooked Sausage Ok?

Eating undercooked sausages doesn’t mean you will get food poisoning.

However, there is a high chance of getting Trichinosis if the sausage contains contaminated meat.

There are a range of symptoms when being infected by trichinosis:

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  •  Vomit
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle soreness
  • Etc.

That’s why you should trust your sense.

If you look at the sausage and don’t feel like eating it, better safe than sorry, you should heat it a little more to make sure it’s completely cooked.

Can You Eat Undercooked Pork Sausage?

According to USDA, there are 3 main types of pork sausages:

  • Fresh sausage(undercooked): made from raw ground meat, probably binder and extender, and it should be stored in the fridge and thoroughly cooked before eating.
  • Ready-to-eat sausage: there are 3 subcategories under this type of sausage:
    • Cooked and smoked type: made from comminuted meats that are seasoned and cooked or baked.
    • They are usually sliced and served cold.
    • Some examples are bologna or frankfurters.
    • Dry or semi-dry type: have a tangy flavor, produced by being fermented with growth bacteria for preservation.
    • Examples of dry and semi-dry sausages are: pepperoni, summer sausage, or Lebanon bologna.

Dry sausage can be served uncooked, but there is a risk of getting the bacterium E.

coli for older people, young children, pregnant women or those who have weak immune systems if they eat fermented sausage.

Thus, there are still uncooked sausages that can be consumed, you only need to make sure you have researched the sausage serving type before eating it.

In short

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We know you might be in a rush for making breakfast before getting to work or getting your children to school.

However, to make sure you don’t make you and your family sick, you only need to pay more attention at the time required for cooking things.

Above are some precautions on cooking and serving sausages.

If you have any tips on how you ensure the sausage is cooked before serving it to your family, share with us in the comment section below!

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