Can Chicken Broth Substitute Vegetables? What Can I Use If I Don’t Have Chicken Broth?

Chicken broth is one of the most versatile ingredients you can have in your kitchen.

It’s an excellent substitute for vegetable broth or stock, and when you add it to your recipes, you’ll notice some differences in the taste and texture of your food.

But what about vegetables?

Can chicken broth be an excellent choice to alternate these leafy greens in a meal?

Let’s figure it out in this blog post!

Can chicken broth substitute vegetables?

One of the best things about chicken broth is that it’s so easy to make yourself.

You can find it in most grocery stores, but if you want to save some money and make your own, all you need are some chicken meat, bones, water, spices, and herbs.

Many people add fragrant vegetables like carrots, onions, and celery to their chicken broth recipes for more flavor and nutrients.

So can chicken broth substitute vegetables? It depends on the chicken broth you’re using.

For example, suppose the chicken broth contains vegetables (usually the types that we mentioned earlier).

In that case, you can serve your meal without other veggie dishes because you get all the nutrients and flavors from these vegan ingredients in the broth.

However, the problem is chicken meat and vegetable chunks are permanently removed before the broth is served, which means there is only the liquid in the bowl.

Therefore, if you expect the texture of these vegetables, you cannot have them in a chicken broth.

If the chicken broth does not contain vegetables at all, then it is better to have other vegetable dishes to ensure that your meal and diet are packed with sufficient nutrients from different ingredients.

So the final answer is it actually depends on your preference and needs to set a dining table with or without vegetables if you already have chicken broth.

Can chicken broth and vegetable broth be interchangeable?

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If you’re wondering whether or not chicken broth can substitute for vegetable broth in a recipe and vice versa, the answer is yes.

While chicken broth is typically made from chicken and vegetable broth is made from various veggies without using any meat, both can be used interchangeably in any recipe that calls for one of them.

These broths are used to flavor soups, stews, gravies, sauces, casseroles, or even making pot pies.

Chicken and vegetable broth can be made from scratch without fuss.

But if you don’t have time to shop for the ingredients, prepare, and cook them, you have many other options.

Canned or bottled chicken broth and vegetable broths are widely sold on the market.

When opting for these processed versions, you better look for the one that is low in sodium and made from organic ingredients.

Which one is better, chicken broth or vegetable broth?

Have trouble deciding which broth you should use between chicken and vegetable broth? Well, again, it is a matter of personal preference or diet restriction.

If you’re a vegetarian, vegetable broth is the obvious choice, giving your dish an added boost of flavor and nutritional value without animal protein.

Vegetable broth is also lower in carbs and calories, so it can be an excellent option if you want to detox your body and lose some weight.

However, if you’re cooking up something that calls for chicken broth, then it’s best to stick with the real thing.

Chicken broth is a little thicker in texture and more flavorful than its vegetable counterpart.

If you want your dish to be rich and flavorful, then chicken broth is the way to go.

If you’re making a stew or soup that calls for vegetable broth, by all means, use it.

In general, these two ingredients can be substituted for each other in most recipes, and they are much more flavorful than water, which can also be used in making soups or stews in case you don’t have any broth.


If you need to use broth in recipes that call for vegetable broth, then chicken broth can be an excellent substitute and vice versa.

Chicken broth is also a good option if you want something with a little more flavor than vegetable broth.

It’s important to remember that these two types of broths aren’t exactly interchangeable, though—they each have their unique taste, and they can be alternated in most cases.

But if you want something to chew, serve your meal with more vegetable dishes like stir-fries or roasted veggies.

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