7 Ways To Add More Vegetables To Your Butter Chicken Meal

butter chicken vegetable side dish

Butter chicken is one of the most popular dishes in the world.

While you could serve butter chicken with rice and naan bread, why not make it a little more interesting?

We’ve rounded up seven delicious vegetable options to serve with your favorite Indian dish to make your meal healthier and more balanced.

What is butter chicken?

Butter chicken is a popular Indian dish that’s traditionally served with rice, naan, or roti.

Butter chicken is typically less spicy than other curries, but it can still be very hot, depending on how much chili powder you use.

The sauce for this chicken dish is usually made with tomatoes and cream, giving it a rich flavor that pairs well with just about any vegetable.

The spices used to make butter chicken include garam masala, cumin, and coriander, giving the sauce its distinct yellow color.

It can be made using bone-in skinless chicken thighs!

7 best vegetables to serve with butter chicken

Here are the seven types of recipes of vegetables that will be great serving on the side of butter chicken:

Green beans

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Green beans are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a healthy and flavorful side dish.

Not only are they rich in nutrients and antioxidants, but they’re also low in calories, high in fiber, and fat-free.

Green beans contain vitamins A, K, B6, and C.

Green beans are versatile enough to be served alongside just about any main dish—they pair well with butter chicken thanks to their mild and earthy taste.

They can be steamed, grilled, or sauteed with olive oil and garlic for extra flavor.

Aloo Gobi

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Aloo gobi is a Punjabi staple that can be enjoyed with butter chicken, but it’s also great as a side dish with other curries, served roasted or fried.

If you’re serving aloo gobi alongside another curry, use the same spice blend for both dishes and pair them with rice, roti, or naan.

Aloo gobi is usually made by frying potatoes and cauliflower in oil until they’re browned on both sides.

The dish is then seasoned with spices and finished by adding tomatoes, onions, and more vegetables like peas.

You can also roast the potatoes and cauliflower for a lighter version of aloo gobi that pairs well with butter chicken.

When it comes to pairing aloo gobi with butter chicken, choose a spicy curry made with garam masala instead of turmeric.


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Saag is a delicious side dish that goes well with butter chicken.

It’s often made with spinach, but other leafy greens like mustard greens or kale can also be used.

Saag is typically seasoned with garlic and ginger, then cooked on low heat until the leaves become soft and wilted.

Serve this green delight over rice or naan (an Indian flatbread) for a complete meal!


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Broccoli is a great vegetable to serve with butter chicken.

In fact, it goes so well with the dish that it’s often served as an accompaniment by restaurants.

The two complement each other so well that you can’t go wrong.

It’s easy to prepare and contains nutrients such as fiber, folate, and vitamins A, C, and K.

There are many ways to cook this vegetable, from roasting to steaming or stir-frying.

No matter how it is cooked, the broccoli should be green and crisp-tender.


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Cauliflower is an excellent option if you’re looking for a vegetable to serve with your butter chicken.

Cauliflower can be served as a side dish or the main dish in a salad.

It also goes well with rice noodles or pasta and even cheese!

Mashed cauliflower is often used as a low-carb alternative to the classic mashed potatoes to serve with any meat-based dish.


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Spinach is a leafy vegetable packed with iron, vitamins A and C, protein, fiber, and calcium.

It’s also low in calories and carbohydrates.

Spinach is favored not only due to its nutritional value but also its versatility.

You can eat this vegetable raw or cooked, depending on your preference.

Add spinach to your butter chicken dish by tossing it into the pot or serving it on the side as a garnish.

You can also add spinach to your rice or noodles for an extra nutritious meal!


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Potatoes are a great addition to any meal and can be served with butter chicken.

Potatoes are a good source of potassium, vitamin C, and dietary fiber.

They also contain complex carbohydrates that will keep you full longer than simple carbs like white bread or pasta.

There are many ways to turn this affordable and simple ingredient into restaurant-quality dishes.

A potato can be cut into wedges and tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper to create an appetizer.

You can also dice potatoes and add them to your butter chicken dish for a more filling meal.

If you want to go the extra mile, roast your potatoes in the oven with your favorite herbs, then top with sour cream, cheese, and bacon for a hearty and beautiful dish.


Pairing butter chicken with vegetables is a good way to make your meal more palatable and nutritious.

You can serve any of these with butter chicken, and your meal will surely impress any guest.

If you like Indian food, try making your curry at home, and you will feel thankful!