7 Easy Side Dishes To Accompany Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

buffalo chicken sandwich side dish

Do you love buffalo chicken sandwiches, but don’t know what to serve with them?

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Below are the seven delicious side dishes that will perfectly complement your buffalo chicken sandwiches.

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What are buffalo chicken sandwiches?

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Buffalo chicken sandwiches are a type of sandwich with buffalo chicken as the filling.

Normally, the buffalo chicken recipe can call for any cut of chicken, from white meat chicken like chicken breast to dark meat chicken like a chicken drumstick or chicken wing.

In this case, to make it suitable to serve between the buns or toast, a boneless skinless chicken breast is preferred.

The meat is marinated in the buffalo sauce which is made of hot sauce and a fat (typically butter), vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce, and then grilled.

The resulting dish has a tangy, savory, and spicy taste that can satisfy even the pickiest eater.

What to consider when choosing a buffalo chicken sandwich’s side dish?

To make sure that the side dish works best with your buffalo chicken sandwiches, keep the following things in mind:

Buffalo chicken sandwiches should be served with a vegetable and light side dish

You don’t need to serve your buffalo chicken sandwiches with something heavy like a grain-based dish (rice or pasta).

Since the sandwich is relatively filling on its own, it is better to be paired with a light side dish that consists of a lot of vegetables to make your meal more balanced and healthier.

Consider the cooking time

There are some side dish recipes that are quick to make, while others require more time to cook.

So consider the cooking time of the side dish recipe and the time you have to make sure that everything is served on time and no one in your family is left hungry.

For example, a salad or French fries are good options when you want something quick but still delicious to serve with your buffalo chicken sandwiches.

A pickle needs to be made ahead of time (typically two to three days for fermenting veggies), so be sure to make this dish a couple of days before having your buffalo chicken sandwiches.

7 best side dishes to serve with buffalo chicken sandwiches

Here are the seven side dishes that we find perfect to serve with your buffalo chicken sandwiches.

Let’s check them out and choose your favorite recipe:

1.     Mac and cheese

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Mac and cheese is a classic American side dish that works well with any meat-based dish.

Although this combination is relatively high in fat and calories, we have to admit that it is so delicious and satisfying.

The cheesy and salty taste of mac and cheese can literally melt your heart and is even tastier on the side of buffalo chicken sandwiches.

2.     Macaroni salad

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Another dish that you can make from macaroni pasta is macaroni salad.

This recipe is lighter than mac and cheese, but you won’t have to sacrifice the creaminess of this dish.

Macaroni salad is a good way to have a salad while still being full.

3.     French fries

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French fries are a classic item to pair with a sandwich every time you go to a fast-food restaurant.

This dish is easy and quick to make, and you can even make a healthier version of French fries by frying potatoes in the air-fryer or even baking them in the oven instead of deep-frying potato sticks in a lot of oil.

4.     Green salad

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If you want a healthier and lighter companion to serve with your buffalo chicken sandwiches, a green salad is a way to go.

There are a variety of green salad recipes for you to choose from, as long as they are made of different kinds of fresh greens or fruits mixed in a tangy or creamy dressing.

The crunchy texture and refreshing flavor of a green salad can balance your buffalo chicken sandwiches, making your meal more palatable.

5.     Onion rings

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Onion rings are another good accompaniment to serve with your buffalo chicken sandwiches.

Onion rings are delicious finger food that is crispy and slightly sweet.

And the best part is that they don’t taste pungent like fresh onions, so your kids will also enjoy onion rings too.

6.     Baked potatoes

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You can also serve your buffalo chicken sandwiches with baked potatoes.

Either regular potatoes or sweet potatoes can work in this case.

They deliver a starchy texture and pleasantly sweet taste that can be a perfect addition to your chicken sandwiches.

7.     Dill pickles

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Dill pickles can be a good side dish to serve with your buffalo chicken sandwiches thanks to their crunchy texture and tangy taste.

Dill pickles are easy to make at home from scratch, or bought from any grocery store or supermarket across the world.

The bottom line

Buffalo chicken sandwiches are a great dish to enjoy on their own.

However, our seven aforementioned side dishes can literally make your chicken sandwich much better without taking a lot of time or effort.

Which side dish do you want to try first with your buffalo chicken sandwiches?