5 Side Dishes That Go Well With Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

buffalo chicken meatball side dish

Buffalo chicken wings are a classic that everyone loves, but sometimes they can be a bit messy.

Buffalo chicken meatballs are a better choice because they are easier to eat with the delicious taste remaining.

Serve your buffalo chicken meatballs with the following side dishes that will help your meal be even more special and appealing.

Keep reading to figure out the five best side dishes that perfectly accompany buffalo chicken meatballs.

What are buffalo chicken meatballs?

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Buffalo chicken meatballs are a dish that can replace the classic Buffalo-style chicken wings.

Instead of cooking with the wings, you will need ground chicken that is mixed with other ingredients like shredded vegetables and crumbles and formed into meatballs.

Chicken meatballs are pan-fried until they are golden brown and then dipped in a traditional buffalo sauce that is typically made of melted butter, cayenne pepper hot sauce, and vinegar.

The resulting dish is tender, rich, savory, and a bit spicy.

This dish is a perfect substitute for buffalo wings when you don’t want to get messy with the bones and skin from chicken wings.

What to consider when choosing a buffalo chicken meatballs’ side dish at a party?

Buffalo chicken meatballs are a delicious and easy appetizer for your next get-together.

But they can also be served as an entree with other dishes on the side.

Take a look at our tips below to know what to consider when choosing a good side dish for buffalo chicken wings:

Serve buffalo chicken meatballs with a starchy dish to absorb the delicious sauce

Buffalo chicken meatballs come with a generous amount of sauce.

The rich and tasty buffalo sauce will be perfect to pair with a starchy side dish like rice or pasta because these dishes absorb this delicious sauce well and make them more flavorful.

A starchy side dish can also keep you fuller and never leave you hungry.

A vegetable-based side dish can help offset the rich and greasy taste of buffalo chicken meatballs

Besides a starchy side dish, you can also opt for a vegetable-based recipe to accompany buffalo chicken meatballs.

The refreshing taste of vegetables can make your meal more balanced and also provide you with many essential vitamins and minerals for your body.

5 best side dishes to serve with buffalo chicken meatballs

Buffalo chicken meatballs are a great way to shake up your typical meal routine.

Here are the five side dish ideas that you can serve with buffalo chicken meatballs the next time you have this delicacy on the table:

1.     Roasted vegetables

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Roasted vegetables are an easy way to add more healthy vitamins and nutrients to your diet.

There are some kinds of veggies that are perfect for roasting.

They are potatoes, carrots, asparagus, broccoli, or squash.

Don’t forget to sprinkle some salt and pepper over your vegetables to make your side dish more flavorful.

2.     Cheese dressing

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Do you know that a cheese dressing can also be a good side dish for your buffalo chicken meatballs?

The rich and creamy dressing can make your chicken more flavorful and yummy.

It is also easy to make and the result is not gonna disappoint you.

3.     Pasta

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The first starchy side dish we would highly recommend serving with buffalo chicken meatballs is pasta.

You can simply have your pasta boiled so it is cooked and safe to eat.

Then you only need to enjoy the pasta with the delicious buffalo sauce to make the dish more flavorful.

A plate of pasta can also help fill your empty stomach easily.

4.     Rice

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Another starchy accompaniment to serve with buffalo chicken meatballs is rice.

While pasta is more common in the West, rice is what you can find everywhere in Asian cuisine.

A bowl of plain steamed rice is enough to pair with the rich and delicious buffalo meatballs.

But you can also opt for fried rice for a more flavorful and colorful option. 

5.     Salad

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Last but not least, a bowl of salad will be a perfect addition to buffalo chicken meatballs.

Green salad will be the best choice in this case.

This side dish will not only balance the rich and greasy taste of the main chicken dish but also help your meal look more appealing by providing a contrasting green color.

The bottom line

Buffalo chicken meatballs are the perfect way to enjoy the traditional dish without any mess.

With the tender, juicy meat and the delicious sauce, buffalo chicken meatballs are great when paired with some vegetable-based dishes, carb-based dishes, or a cheese dressing.

Just experiment with all of our suggestions to find out the best side dish for buffalo chicken meatballs.

Happy cooking!

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