Brown Beef Smells Like Sulfur: What Makes Your Brown Beef Smell Like Sulfur?

brown beef smells like sulfur

Browning meat is a satisfying process to see your meat have a nice sear and an appealing golden brown color.

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But have you ever noticed that your brown beef has a smell like sulfur?

Many people have complained about this unpleasant smell, and we are going to delve into this topic in this post.

So read on to see what has happened!

Why does my brown beef smell like sulfur?

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First, we should know what brown beef is.

When it comes to brown beef, it often refers to ground beef that has been browned (partially cooked) to achieve a more eye-catching brown color and a nice crust on the surface.

Brown beef also helps enhance the flavor of the meat before you literally start cooking it.

So why does it smell like sulfur (rotten eggs, or fart) sometimes?

Here are some reasons:

Lack of oxygen in the ground beef package

The first chance for the sulfur smell in your brown beef is the lack of oxygen in the ground beef package.

Ground beef is often vacuumed in an airtight package while being sold on the market, and the lack of oxygen inside the package can produce substances that contain a small amount of sulfur.

This smell will be especially strong when you first open the package/container.

Your beef has gone bad

In other cases, the sulfur smell can be a sign to indicate that your beef has gone bad due to an improper store or it comes from a sick cow.

Bad brown beef will have an off smell that can be like a rotten egg (or fart), ammonia, or sour.

Some people might figure it out right after opening the package, while others could only smell the sulfur smell when browning the meat.

Is it safe to eat brown beef that smells like sulfur?

As already mentioned, brown beef that smells like sulfur due to several seasons, so determining if it is safe to eat or not will actually depend on the cause.

Therefore, you should check if there is any sign of spoilage on your brown beef before deciding to discard it or keep it for eating.

If the sulfur smell is gone after a few minutes, it is safe to eat.

Otherwise, if brown beef has mold or discoloration, it should be thrown away.

How to get rid of the sulfur smell from brown beef?

Has your brown beef ever given your kitchen a sulfur-like smell?

You are not alone.

But don’t worry, below are some ways that can help you get rid of the sulfur smell in your brown beef:

Buy a whole cut of beef and make your own ground beef

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To get rid of the sulfur odor in your brown beef, you should buy a whole fresh cut of beef.

Pre-ground beef is easier to spoil, so it will be better to opt for a whole cut of beef and grind or mince it yourself at home.

This can lower the chance of getting an unpleasant smell like rotten eggs in your brown beef.

Look for high-quality fresh ground beef

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As mentioned earlier, brown beef is often made from ground beef.

Therefore, if you want to make sure that your brown beef will never have any off-smell like sulfur, you should buy a good package of ground beef from the beginning.

Check for the origin, expiration date, condition of the package, and freshness of the raw ground beef before making the purchase.

It would be best to opt for grass-fed beef for the best flavor and texture, but it will also come with a little higher price.

Use pungent spices to mask the slight sulfur smell of your brown beef

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If there is nothing wrong with your brown beef besides a slight sulfur smell, you can add pungent spices like chili, garlic, or pepper to the recipe.

The strong flavor of these spices can help mask the unpleasant smell of brown beef, and also make your dish more flavorful.

The bottom line

Brown beef is a great choice in many recipes.

Although sometimes it turns out to smell not as expected, now you know the reasons why and how to get rid of the sulfur smell in your brown beef.

If you want to avoid the rotten eggs or sulfur odor in your brown beef, keep in mind our article, and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family too.

Happy cooking!