British Food Vs. French Food: Is French Food Healthier Than The English Counterpart?

British food and French food are two popular cuisines in Europe with many different as well as similar characteristics.

But is there a better cuisine than the other? Let’s find the answer in this article.

What is special about British food?

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There are different types of foods in the United Kingdom, and they all have their own unique flavor.

Britain used to colonize many countries all over the world, therefore, British cuisine has been influenced by a variety of cultures from different continents like Asia, Europe, or Africa.

British cuisine varies from region to region, but there are some classic dishes that can be found anywhere in the United Kingdom like Fish and chips, Bangers and mash, Steak and kidney pie, and pudding.

Baking, deep-frying, and stewing are three of the most popular cooking methods in British cuisine.

They also make use of a lot of processed foods like sausages, ham, and bacon.

A typical meal often includes various dishes (baked beans, fried eggs, pies, breaded and fried meat or fish, and some kind of gravy or sauces on the side), and is heavy on protein and carbs.

Tea and coffee also play an important role in British cuisine.

They often drink tea and coffee at any time of the day.

A typical afternoon tea party is often served with many kinds of pastries and cookies.

What is special about French food?

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French cuisine is known as one of the most sophisticated and complicated styles of cooking in the world.

It is also very different from other types of cuisine because there are many cultural influences that go into every dish.

The flavor combinations in each dish will surprise you with their complexity and creativity.

You can find anything from traditional dishes to more modern creations on the menu at any of the restaurants that serve this type of cuisine.

They use high-quality ingredients from meat, seafood, to buttery sauces made with wine, and rich cheeses.

Regular meat options are best cuts of beef, pork, and poultry like a rump roast, rib eye cut, sirloin steak, T-bone steak, and breast.

In general, French food is often served in small portions with simple but elegant presentations.

What are the differences between British food vs French food?

British food and French food are two different cuisines with many separated features that set them apart from each other:

French cuisine is more refined and elegant than British cuisine

French cuisine is reputed for being one of the most sophisticated and elegant cuisines in the world.

They focus on all aspects that affect the quality of a meal, from the ingredients, flavors, to the presentation.

On the other hand, British cuisine doesn’t really emphasize the decoration of their dishes but focuses on how satisfying their food is.

British food is often served with beans, while French food is served with bread

Beans are a staple in British cuisine.

They often serve baked beans in every meal as one of the main carb options.

British people even have baked bean sandwiches, which can be considered a weird combination in most cuisines.

Meanwhile, French food is often served with slices of toast or baguette.

Meat and fish are often breaded and deep-fried in British cuisine, while they are sauteed in French cuisine

The cooking methods for animal protein like meat and fish are different between British cuisine and French cuisine.

In Britain, meat and fish are often breaded and deep-fried in hot oil to serve with salads, beans, or fries.

Meanwhile, the technique to cook French meat and fish (usually steak) is sauteing.

British meals are often more hearty with many dishes served in large portions, while French food is served in small portions

Another difference between the two cuisines is how their food is served.

British food is famous for its full English breakfast that features a big plate consisting of various dishes like fried/ poached/ scrambled eggs, sausages, baked beans, tomatoes, buttered toast, bacon, and grilled mushrooms.

Other meals of the day also appear more hearty compared to French cuisine, in which food is served in smaller portions with a single dish on a plate.

Tea is the most popular drink in British cuisine whereas wine plays an important role in French cuisine

Their popular drinks are also different from each other.

In British cuisine, tea plays an important role.

They can drink tea at any time of the day, with sweet or savory dishes.

On the other hand, French people enjoy wine more to increase appetite and boost digestion.

What are the similarities between British food vs French food?

British cuisine and French cuisine also have some features in common, as listed below:

British cuisine and French cuisine are both diverse

In general, you can find any dish that is vegan-friendly, meat-based, or seafood-based in either British cuisine or French cuisine.

Thanks to their favorable geographical locations, there are various ingredients from all food groups like vegetables, grains, red meat, poultry, seafood, or fruits in these countries, resulting in countless delicious dishes that are packed with flavors and nutrients.

They both feature fries, gravies, and many kinds of pastries

Another similarity between British food and French food is that they share some stapled ingredients and dishes.

For example, French food and British food are often served with fried potatoes, or known as fries, with a cup of gravy that can be made from beef, vegetables, or any other ingredient.

Pastries are also dominant in both cuisines, from savory to sweet fillings, all are available in British and French cuisines.

Which one is better?

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Which cuisine is better, British food or French food? This question has been debated for centuries and this article has attempted to answer it by comparing these two cuisines to point out their differences and similarities in cooking methods, preparation, or flavor profiles.

However, it seems that both cuisines are delicious in their own ways.

Therefore, it is best to give both French food and British food a try and you can tell us what you prefer.

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