6 Delicious Side Dishes To Serve With Breaded Pork Tenderloin

breaded pork tenderloin side dish

Breaded pork tenderloin is a great alternative for breaded chicken breast for a more flavorful taste while still being low in fat.

But what to serve with breaded pork tenderloin?

Let’s figure it out in this article!

What is breaded pork tenderloin?

Breaded pork tenderloin is a dish that is made with pork tenderloin that has been pounded thin and then coated in breadcrumbs.

The pork is then fried until it is golden brown and crispy outside, while the meat is tender and juicy.

Breaded pork tenderloin can be found in many restaurants across the country as the main course or as an appetizer.

It can be made at home without any fuss and served with other side dishes.

What to consider when choosing a breaded pork tenderloin’s side dish?

To make sure that breaded pork tenderloin is served with the right side dish, keep in mind the following factors when choosing a companion recipe:

Breaded pork tenderloin can be served with something fried, or something refreshing and light made from vegetables

You can serve your breaded pork tenderloin with fried comfort food to have a treat meal to enjoy with your friends or family.

A refreshing and light vegetable-based side dish is also a good option to accompany breaded pork tenderloin.

The refreshing flavor of vegetables can help balance the fried pork tenderloin and make your meal healthier.

Take into account the diet restrictions (if any) among your guests

To ensure that everyone at your party will be happy with your food, you should check if they have any diet restrictions or not before cooking.

Some people follow a keto diet which is low in carbs and high in fat, while others are allergic to dairy products, for example.

6 best side dishes to serve with breaded pork tenderloin

The following six side dishes are what we find easiest and most suitable to serve with your breaded pork tenderloin without any problem:

1.     Buns

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Do you want a hearty meal in minutes?

Let’s serve your breaded pork tenderloin with buns.

Place the breaded pork tenderloin between two halve buns with some veggies or pickles to have a nutritious, flavorful, and quick sandwich to enjoy at any time of the day.

2.     Roasted vegetables

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Roasted vegetables are a nutritious and delicious side dish to serve with your breaded pork tenderloin without breaking the budget.

Some typical veggie options for roasting are potatoes, carrots, asparagus, broccoli, or eggplants.

You should have several types of veggies for one batch of roasting to have a colorful and flavorful side dish to accompany your pork tenderloin.

3.     Mashed potatoes

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Mashed potatoes are a classic side dish to accompany any meat main course.

This recipe is easy and quick to make, that’s why it is favored by many people.

Mashed potatoes can also come in a variety of flavors due to the use of different spices, herbs, and ingredients.

The smooth and soft texture of mashed potatoes is in contrast to crispy breaded pork tenderloin, making your meal so satisfying and balanced.

4.     Sweet potato fries

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Sweet potato fries are a type of finger food that is commonly served with a meat-based dish.

They are another variation of the classic French fries but are made with sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes.

This dish is easy to make, and the crunchiness and sweetness of these sticks of sweet potatoes can definitely satisfy your taste buds.

You can have this dish cooked in the air-fryer or oven instead of deep-frying it in a skillet that is filled with oil.

This helps cut down the fat intake and makes your meal healthier.

5.     Onion rings

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You can also serve your breaded pork tenderloin with onion rings.

These crispy rings of onions look so cute and they taste amazing too.

Breading and frying onions are a great way to make your kids eat vegetables, especially the type with a pungent taste like onions.

6.     Ranch sauce

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Ranch sauce is our last suggestion to serve with your breaded pork tenderloin.

This dairy-based dressing is best to be used as a dipping sauce or drizzled over crispy breaded pork tenderloin to make this dish richer and more flavorful.

Ranch dressing can be made from scratch effortlessly or bought from a grocery store and ready to be served right from the bottle.

The bottom line

We have listed down the best six side dishes that are great to be served on the side of breaded pork tenderloin.

It’s time to experiment and choose the recipe that you love the most and make your breaded pork tenderloin much better.

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