7 Tempting Side Dishes To Serve With Your Boston Butt Pork Roast

boston butt pork roast side dish

If you’re like me, you love a good Boston butt pork roast.

Why trust me?

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But sometimes it’s hard to know what to serve with it.

Well, I’m here to help!

Below are the seven tempting recipes that are easy to make and will go perfectly with your pork roast.

So keep reading and get cooking!

Check out the best ideas to serve with Boston butt pork roast.

What is Boston butt pork roast?

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Boston butt pork roast is a cut of pork that comes from the shoulder area instead of the butt as the name implies.

It’s a relatively tough cut of meat, but it’s flavorful and affordable.

Boston butt pork roast is a great option for slow-cooking like roasting or braising because it becomes very tender when cooked slowly without losing the flavor. 

The result is often pulled apart to make shredded pork which is a popular dish in southern United States and can be used in a variety of recipes.

What to consider when choosing a side dish to serve with Boston butt pork roast?

Although there are plenty of options out there when it comes to serving Boston butt pork roast, you still need to keep in mid the following factors that can help you choose the best side dish to accompany this pork dish:

Boston butt pork roast can be paired with all sorts of different flavors:

A good news is that the flavor profile of the side will be very diverse because Boston butt pork roast goes well with different flavors.

For example, if you’re looking for a savory side, you could try something like roasted potatoes or creamy mashed potatoes.

If you want something a bit sweeter, you could try pairing the pork with applesauce or even a fruit salad.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try pairing it with a brightly flavored couscous or quinoa salad?

Consider if you want a filling or light side dish

The second thing that you should consider when choosing a side dish for Boston butt pork roast is the texture of the companion recipe.

It can be starchy and filling as being made from potatoes or different kinds of grains.

This option will surely keep you full for such a long time.

Otherwise, a light side dish can make your stomach happier, especially when you are having a late meal.

7 best side dishes to serve with Boston butt pork roast

Now, let’s take a closer look at the seven best side dish ideas to go along with Boston butt pork roast:

1.     Sauteed kale or Swiss chard

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Kale is a nutrient-dense veggie that can make a great accompaniment for Boston butt pork roast.

It is perfect for sauteing because you can make it more flavor by adding some ingredients like garlic, olive oil, and other seasonings.

You can aso use Swiss chard as the substitute for kale in case this green is not available in your local grocery store.

2.     Mashed potatoes

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Mashed potatoes can be considered one of the signature dishes of American cuisine.

This classic recipe has been used for centuries and can be customized between families.

For the best result, use Yukon Gold potatoes which have a more buttery flavor and creamy texture than the average type.

3.     Apple cobbler

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You might be more familiar with the classic apple pie, but apple cobbler is a delicious side dish that goes great with Boston butt pork roast too.

The apples are cooked in a cinnamon and sugar syrup, and the cobbler topping is made with flour, butter, sugar, and eggs.

This dish is sure to please everyone at your table and adds a fruity cut through the porky taste of the main course.

4.     Mac and cheese

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Mac and cheese is a classic pairing that never fails to satisfy.

The creamy sauce and salty cheese are the perfect additions to the savory pork.

I like to use elbow pasta for my mac and cheese, but you can use whatever type of pasta you prefer.

5.     Couscous

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You can also serve your Boston butt pork roast with couscous.

It is considered healthier than most types of rice on the market, so couscous will be a nutritious alternative for the classic white rice option.

It is light, fluffy, and can soak up the delcious pork juice easily.

6.     Apple pie

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Apple pie is a classic side dish for many meat-based recipes, and it’s true for Boston butt pork roast too.

There are different recipes for apple pie, so you can find one that fits your taste buds.

However, some key ingredients are apples, sugar, butter, flour, and spices are indispensable.

The sweet, tangy, citrusy, and fruity flavor of apple pie adds a nice cut through the savory taste of the pork dish.

7.     Brown sugar glazed

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Last but not least, you can drizzle some brown sugar glazed over your pork roast before serving.

The swee tnad savory flavor of the glaze complement the rich and juicy flavor of the pork perfectly, and it will be a hit with your family and friends.

Brown sugar glazed can be made from scratch without any fuss, but it can be found premade and available in many grocery stores throughout the country.

The bottom line

Now you know the seven side dishes that are best on the side of Boston butt pork roast.

Whether you are in the mood for some cheesy mac and cheese or a filling couscous dish, we have got you covered.

Be sure to try them out when you have Boston butt pork roast, you won’t be disappointed.