Blackened Chicken Vs Grilled Chicken: What’s The Difference?

blackened vs grilled chicken

If you are looking for a new way to spice up your chicken dish, blackened chicken is worth trying.

So what is the difference between blackened chicken and grilled chicken and which dish will taste better for you? Let’s accompany us and figure it out in this article.

What is blackened chicken?

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Blackened chicken is a dish of Louisiana origin that got its name from the blackening spice mix used to coat the outside.

This spicy, Cajun-style meal often includes shrimp and oysters as well.

The spice mix typically consists of garlic powder, cayenne pepper, paprika, salt, and pepper.

In addition to giving flavor to the meat, it also helps seal in moisture while cooking.

Chicken, after being marinated, is seared in a hot pan before baking in the oven until it is thoroughly cooked.

This dish pairs well with a variety of side dishes like rice, vegetables, salad, or mashed potatoes.

Due to the black outer appearance, it looks like a burnt chicken.

However, the black color is created due to the spice mix and the cooking technique.

The chicken also doesn’t taste burnt, but very flavorful and juicy instead.

What is grilled chicken?

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Grilled chicken is a staple in many American diets.

Grilled chicken is a delicious way to get the protein that tastes food and provides your family with energy without all of the fat from the frying method.

Grilling involves dry and direct heat that is applied to the surface of the chicken, commonly from below, like you are grilling in the griller at a BBQ party.

Chicken should be well marinated before being grilled so that the flavor from the spices and penetrate into the meat and you won’t end up with a bland dish.

Normally, grilled chicken finishes with a beautiful golden color, crispy skin (if you leave it intact while cooking), and striped surfaces because of the griller.

Grilling also helps render the fat from the chicken skin or meat, making it healthier and ideal for those who want to lose some pounds.

It can be served as a main dish with other sides like steamed or grilled vegetables, mashed potatoes, fruity salads, or French fries, or shredded to make salad and taco recipes.

What are the differences between blackened chicken vs grilled chicken?

So there are some differences that we should take a look at to know how blackened chicken differs from grilled chicken:

 Blackened chickenGrilled chicken
AppearanceLook like burnt with black surfacesMore appealing, golden crispy outer
TasteSpicier due to the marinade rub, smokierMilder but flavorful too
Cooking methodUsually char (sear) the chicken in a hot pan then bake in the oven to fully cook the meatGrill over the griller
UseUsually used as the main courseCan be used as the main dish, or shredded to use as an ingredient in other recipes like salads or tacos

What are the similarities between blackened chicken vs grilled chicken?

Despite some key differences between blackened chicken and grilled chicken, these two chicken dishes also have some things in common:

1. Blackened chickens and grilled chickens are both healthy ways to eat chicken

Blackening and grilling are considered healthy ways to cook chicken or other kinds of meat.

These methods don’t add any fat or calorie to your chicken cut, and also help reduce the fat and water content from the meat.

Eventually, you will get a chicken dish that is low in fat and high in protein with other essential nutrients for your body.

2. They can be served with numerous side dishes

There are many side dish recipes to serve with blackened or grilled chicken.

You can combine these chicken dishes with rice, fruity or green salads, mashed potatoes, French fries, baked or steamed vegetables, or just a small bowl of your favorite dipping sauce.

3. The chicken should be marinated long enough before being blackened or grilled

Another thing in common between blackened chicken and grilled chicken is how the chicken should be prepared before being cooked.

You should have the best spice rub on hand to marinate the chicken before grilling or blackening it.

Our recommendation is that a dry rub mixture will work better than a liquid seasoning sauce.

Which one is better?

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In conclusion, blackened chicken and grilled chicken are both mouth-watering and healthy to add to your family menu.

Choosing one dish over the other will all come down to personal preference.

Blackened chicken might look weird for some people, like who will want a burnt chicken? However, they will definitely change their opinions about this dish just after a bite.

So try them both and see which dish tastes best to your palate.

Hope you enjoy both blackened chicken and grilled chicken!

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