6 Side Dishes To Go With Your Blackberry Pork Chops Perfectly

blackberry pork chop side dish

Pork chops and blackberries are two favorite ingredients in cooking.

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How about combining them and creating a delicious dish known as blackberry pork chops?

This recipe is sure to satisfy any palate and make people beg for more.

But do you know that you can make your blackberry pork chops even better by serving this dish with the proper accompaniment?

Read on to figure out the six best side dishes that complement your blackberry pork chops in minutes.

What are blackberry pork chops?

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Blackberry pork chops, as the name implies, are a dish that uses blackberries and pork chops as the two main ingredients.

Pork chops (can be bone-in or boneless) are first seared to perfection and lightly seasoned.

After that, the pork is simmered in a blackberry sauce for a few minutes so that it gets all the flavors from the sauce, which is typically made of fresh blackberries or canned blackberry jam with other ingredients like broth, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, port wine, and herbs.

The resulting dish is succulent chops topped with the sweet tanginess of blackberries.

It’s an all-around delightful combination that will have your mouth watering before you even take the first bite.

What to consider when choosing a blackberry pork chops’ side dish?

Blackberry pork chops are hearty and delicious dish that features succulent pork with a tangy and rich sauce.

It is typically served as the main course with other dishes on the side.

So how to pick the right dish to accompany your blackberry pork chops?

Let’s take a closer look at our tips below:

Blackberry pork chops can be served with a starchy side dish

Blackberry pork chops are great when served with a starchy accompaniment like rice because this side dish can easily absorb the rich sauce of the main dish.

A starchy side can also keep you fuller without breaking the bank because starchy dishes like rice, bread, or pasta are affordable.

Consider serving your blackberry pork chops if you want a healthier side dish

Vegetables are another great choice to pair with your blackberry pork chops.

They add nutrients and flavors to your meal, making it healthier and worth trying.

Blackberry pork chops work with different flavor profiles, especially a sweet one

The blackberry sauce is tangy and a bit sour, therefore, it will be best to accompany your blackberry pork chops with a side dish that has a sweet flavor, but is not too sweet.

It will also be better to take advantage of the natural sweetness from the ingredients like corn, sweet potatoes, or dairy products rather than using a lot of sugar.

6 best side dishes to serve with blackberry pork chops

Now, let’s figure out what side dish is best to serve with blackberry pork chops:

1.     Roasted Brussel sprouts

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Roasted Brussel sprouts are great to serve with blackberry pork chops because they have a mildly sweet flavor that offsets the rich and tangy taste of the meat.

Moreover, Brussel sprouts are also packed with many essential nutrients so they will make your meal healthier without sacrificing flavor.

2.     Sweet potato fries with applesauce

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A plate of sweet potato fries with some applesauce on the side will work as a perfect accompaniment for your blackberry pork chops.

Your meal will be filled with different flavors, textures, and colors that make it appealing right from first sight.

3.     Corn muffins

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You can also serve your blackberry pork chops with corn muffins for a more hearty and filling meal.

Corn muffins can be made with keto ingredients by substituting all-purpose flour with almond flour.

So if you are following a special diet like a keto diet, feel free to opt for this side dish recipe to complement your blackberry pork chops.

4.     Buttermilk biscuits

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How about some classic buttermilk biscuits?

This Southern staple can be made with different recipes to result in either soft or hard, leavened or unleavened, flat, or fluffy biscuits.

After all, they should have a buttery and tangy taste that pairs well with savory blackberry pork chops.

5.     Steamed brown rice

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You can also fill your empty stomach and satisfy your taste buds with a hot bowl of steamed brown rice served with blackberry pork chops.

Brown rice is not only a good option to accompany your pork chops due to its mild and aromatic flavor but also a nutritious ingredient compared to white rice.

6.     Corn on the cob

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Our last suggestion to serve with your blackberry pork chops is corn on the cob or Mexican street corn.

Corn on the cob is a simple yet tasty recipe made by grilling the whole corn that is coated with melted butter and Mexican spices.

This flavorful side dish is perfect to enjoy with different meat dishes besides pork chops, like chicken or beef.

The bottom line

There are many options out there that can work with your blackberry pork chops, but we have narrowed down the list and provided you with the six best side dishes.

The next time you want to cook up some blackberry pork chops, don’t forget to refer to our tips and aforementioned accompaniments to complement your main dish without imperfection.