What To Marinade Chicken Drumsticks In? Try These 5 Options

best marinade for chicken drumstick

Marinades are magical, because you can throw them together with whatever’s in your pantry and then let the chicken marinate all day—and that results in dinner being ready when you get home.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how to cook drumsticks and what to use as a marinade.

How do you prepare drumsticks?

You’ll need to cut the drumstick in half and remove the tip.

Then, you will have to cut off the skin.

Once this is done, you can remove the bone from each half of a drumstick and cut off any excess meat from around it.

You can season your chicken drumsticks before or after cooking them—whatever works best for you!

There are many ways to prepare chicken drumsticks:

  • Bake them (350 degrees F for 30 minutes) with olive oil, salt and pepper
  • Fry them (375 degrees F until golden brown) in olive oil with salt and pepper as well as garlic powder, paprika or cayenne pepper

How do you tenderize chicken drumsticks?

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Tenderizing chicken drumsticks is a matter of choice.

You can use a marinade, a tenderizer, or even the pressure cooker.

Another option is to cook them in a crock pot or slow cooker for several hours on low heat.

However you choose to cook your drumsticks, it’s important to keep in mind that the cooking time will depend on how thick they are cut and how long it takes for them to reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit (about 74 degrees Celsius).

Cooking time also depends on whether you want white meat or dark meat cooked through; if you have an instant-read thermometer handy, it’s easy enough to tell when they’re done by taking their temperature at different intervals while cooking them whole or cut into parts.

What to marinade chicken drumsticks in

If you’re looking to marinate your chicken drumsticks, it can be a bit confusing to decide what ingredients you should use.

Some good options include soy sauce, garlic, lemon ginger, jerk or barbecue sauces.

The key is to consider the type of chicken drumstick you want (and how many people are going to eat them).

Chicken drumsticks come in all shapes and sizes—some large and meaty others small and slender—so if you have time we recommend buying at least four different types so that everyone can have their own favorite flavor!

Soy sauce marinade

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Soy sauce is a common ingredient in Asian cooking, and it’s one of the most widely used marinades in Chinese food.

While soy sauce can be made from any variety of fermented soybeans (including edamame and black beans), the most common for making soy sauce is mung beans.

Soy sauce is a salty condiment that adds flavor to your favorite dishes.

One tablespoon contains about 10 milligrams of sodium, which comes close to your daily recommended amount!

Soy sauce can also be used as a marinade for chicken drumsticks because it adds flavor without adding too much moisture to the meat.

This allows you to enjoy all those juicy chicken flavors without worrying about soggy drumsticks or an overly salty taste at the end of your meal.

Soy contains vitamin K2, which plays an important role in bone health by helping deposit calcium into bones rather than depositing it elsewhere (such as arteries).

In fact, some evidence suggests that eating plenty of vitamin K2 could help prevent osteoporosis—and might even reverse existing symptoms while strengthening bones over time!

Garlic marinade

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It’s a great marinade ingredient.

The most obvious reason that garlic is delicious is that it tastes good.

But the other reasons are equally important:

  • Garlic is a great tenderizer.
  • If you’ve ever seen those late-night commercials for “tenderized” meat, you know that it’s not actually an adjective but rather a verb—meaning to make meat more tender by pounding or massaging it prior to cooking.
  • This can be done using your bare hands, but if you’re looking for something less labor intensive (or more sanitary) then try using garlic as an alternative!
  • Just rub a few cloves of minced garlic into each chicken drumstick and let sit overnight before barbecuing them up in the morning; there’s no need to refrigerate like other marinated dishes since they’re already cooked through when they come out of the fridge.* Garlic is known for its antioxidant benefits.* It also helps reduce inflammation in our bodies (which can lead us towards chronic disease).

Lemon ginger marinade

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You can marinate chicken drumsticks in lemon and ginger.

Lemons are a good source of vitamin C and ginger is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and manganese.

Both lemons and ginger are also known for helping with digestion.

The lemon and ginger marinade offers an interesting twist on the typical teriyaki sauce that’s so popular in Asian cuisine.

In fact, it makes for a great pairing with any number of other flavors like orange juice or apple cider vinegar (a delicious option for those who prefer to avoid gluten).

For example:

  • Try mixing the above ingredients together with some honey to create a sweet-and-spicy glaze that will add sweetness without overpowering the meat’s natural flavor profile.
  • Or mix up some dark beer into your favorite store-bought sauce for an extra layer of flavor!

Jerk marinade

Jerk marinade is a spicy combination of spices and herbs that is meant to impart a deep, smoky flavor.

It’s popular in Caribbean cuisine, but it can also be used in other cuisines to add some bold flavor.

Jerk marinade has become popular for grilling chicken and pork.

The marinade is typically prepared with allspice berries or pieces, scotch bonnet peppers (or habaneros), fresh thyme leaves (fresh herb), ground ginger root and garlic cloves.

BBQ marinade

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Marinating your chicken drumsticks in BBQ sauce is a great way to get the flavor of BBQ without having to cook it on a grill.

The only downside is that you won’t get that smokey flavor, but if you don’t have access to an outdoor grill or prefer cooking indoors then this is definitely the way to go.

The best part about using this method is that you can use any kind of BBQ flavoring mixture for your marinade.

If you like sweet sauces like Sweet Baby Ray’s or Stubbs then go ahead and add some sugar!

On the other hand, if hot sauce is more your speed then make sure not to leave out the cayenne pepper!


Once you have figured out how to marinate your chicken drumsticks, make sure you cook the chicken to perfection.

To do this, bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes or until it reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit internally.

As a final step, broil the chicken legs for 3-5 minutes on high heat to get a nice crisp skin.

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