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Discover the Best Apple for Rosh Hashanah: Your Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Fruit

With the Jewish New Year right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your menu.

If you’re looking for the perfect apple to use in your cooking, we’ve got you covered.

Here are our top 5 picks for the best apples for Rosh Hashanah.

1. Gala

Every Rosh Hashanah, my mother would bake a honey cake, and we would eat it for dessert.

I always loved the spices that went into it: ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

I looked forward to that cake every year.

The tradition in my family was to dip the cake in honey and eat a slice for a sweet new year.

When I got older and moved out on my own, I decided to continue the tradition of baking a honey cake.

I wanted my children to grow up with the same memories that I had.

I had my own recipe that I used, and it never failed me.

The cake would always turn out moist and fluffy.

There was only one problem: the apple that I used to make the recipe was not as good as the one my mother used.

I tried a few different kinds, but none of them seemed to work as well as the one she used.

I finally decided to ask her what kind of apple she used.

She told me it was a Gala apple.

I decided to try using a Gala apple in my recipe, and it worked! The cake was as good as I remembered it being when I was a kid.

Now I have my own children, and I am passing the recipe down to them.

I can’t wait for them to try it and make memories of their own.

2. Pink Lady

The Pink Lady apple is also known as the Pink Pearl or the La Pink.

It is one of the most popular apples out there due to its crispy texture and sweet fruity flavor.

They are best enjoyed raw, as their pinkish color will indicate when they are at their peak ripeness.

Their distinct taste and texture make them perfect for use in salads, for snacking, or in fruit desserts.

Pink Ladies are medium-sized apples, with a height of around 2–3 inches and a diameter of 1–2 inches.

As the name suggests, they are pink-skinned apples, though their skin can sometimes have a slight yellow or cream-colored tinge to it.

While they are generally round, they can sometimes be slightly oval shaped.

Their flesh is a cream color, and is very dense and crispy.

They have a few small brown seeds in the center of them.

3. Fuji

Fujis are one of the best apples to use for Rosh Hashanah because they are sweet and juicy.

They have a thin skin that is easy to digest, and they are small enough to eat in one bite.

Fujis are available in many different colors, including red, yellow, and green.

They are usually harvested in the fall, so they are fresh and ripe for the new year.

4. Honeycrisp

The Honeycrisp is a popular apple variety that is well-known for its sweet, honey-like flavor and crispy texture.

It is a good choice for Rosh Hashanah because it is juicy and slightly tart, which makes it perfect for eating fresh or using in recipes.

In addition, the Honeycrisp is known for its thin, waxy skin, which gives it a distinctive appearance and helps to protect the fruit from spoilage.

The Honeycrisp is also an excellent choice for canning and freezing, which makes it a versatile and valuable crop.

Overall, the Honeycrisp is a tasty and reliable apple variety that is well-suited for Rosh Hashanah and other celebrations.


The apple is a great fruit to eat during Rosh Hashanah.

It is supposed to represent the sweet new year that we are wishing for.

They are also very nutritious and can help us to stay healthy during the winter months.

There are many different types of apples that we can eat during this time of year, but some of the most popular are Gala, ruining, and Granny Smith apples.

Apples are a great source of fiber, which can help us to stay regular.

They are also full of vitamins and minerals that can help to keep us healthy.

Apples are also a great way to help us to satisfy our sweet tooth.

During Rosh Hashanah, it is traditional to eat apples dipped in honey, to symbolize the sweet new year that we are wishing for.


If you’re looking for the best apple to eat for Rosh Hashanah, look no further.

Our top pick is the Gala apple, followed by the Pink Lady, Fuji, Honeycrisp, and finally the ebo.

Each one is sweet, juicy, and perfect for dipping in honey.

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