5 Best Side Dishes To Serve With Beef Braciole: They’re So Easy, You’ll Be Making Them All The Time

beef tenderloin sandwich side dish

What is the perfect food to serve with a beef tenderloin sandwich?

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Each person has their own way to go, and in this article, we are going to provide the five best side dishes that will make the perfect pairing for this delicious sandwich.

Keep reading to find out more useful information if this topic is your current concern.

What are beef tenderloin sandwiches?

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For many people, the perfect lunch is juicy beef tenderloin on a crusty French roll with some mayo and lettuce.

Beef tenderloin sandwiches simply mean a sandwich that consists of cooked beef tenderloin (normally roasted) as the filling.

The beef can be shredded or cut into steak-like pieces to serve between two slices of French rolls with or without other ingredients like veggies, pickles, or sauces.

This dish can be served as the quick and nutritious main course, or it can be eaten as a snack with a small portion at any time of the day.

What to consider when choosing a beef tenderloin sandwich’s side dish?

Some people often just have a single beef tenderloin sandwich for a quick and easy meal that is packed with flavors and nutrients.

However, do you know that you can turn this simple dish into a more hearty meal without any fuss?

Here are some tips that can help you choose a good side dish to serve with a beef tenderloin sandwich:

Beef tenderloin sandwiches are typically served with a vegan side dish

Since you already have meat in the sandwich, there is no need to combine this dish with another meat-based dish.

In fact, beef tenderloin sandwiches are often paired with a vegan side that consists of a lot of vegetables that are cooked in different ways.

Consider the meal that you are going to serve beef tenderloin sandwiches to have the proper side dish option

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a side dish for beef tenderloin sandwiches is to determine which meal you are going to have this dish on the table.

This can make a difference on which side dishes should be served with your sandwiches.

For example, a good side dish to serve for dinner alongside beef tenderloin sandwiches is something light like salads, while a heavier dish like potatoes is best to enjoy at lunch.

5 best side dishes to serve with beef tenderloin sandwiches

You must be wondering what exactly these amazing side dishes are when served with beef tenderloin sandwiches.

So here are the best five accompaniments that you can try the next time serving beef tenderloin sandwiches:

1.     Biscuits

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Biscuits can be a good snack, but they also work as a great side dish for a savory dish like a beef tenderloin sandwich.

There are many recipes for biscuits, and you can combine different ingredients per your preference in your biscuit recipe to achieve the best one to serve with your beef tenderloin sandwiches.

2.     Sauteed green beans

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You can also opt for sauteed green beans as a good side dish to accompany your succulent and juicy beef tenderloin sandwiches.

Sauteed green beans have a beautiful green color that at least makes your meal look more appealing, not to mention that they have a great taste too.

Green beans also work great with garlic, so don’t forget to sprinkle some fried garlic over the beans to both garnish the dish and make it taste better.

3.     Baked sweet potatoes

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Another suggestion from us is baked sweet potatoes.

The slightly sweet taste and the buttery texture of baked sweet potatoes can definitely satisfy your taste buds.

Moreover, when served with beef tenderloin sandwiches, your meal will be more nutritious and provide you with nutrients from different food groups.

4.     Roasted vegetables

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Roasted vegetables can be another option to try the next time you have beef tenderloin sandwiches for your quick meal.

Roasting vegetables can create a nice crispy crust if you want them to be, and a more flavorful taste compared to steaming this vegan ingredient.

They will add more nutrients to your diet without sacrificing flavor.

5.     Salad

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Last but not least, a bowl of salad is enough to make your beef tenderloin sandwich more special and delicious.

There are numerous recipes for salads, but a green or fruit salad is the best option in this case.

Remember to opt for a flavorful but elegant salad dressing to make your veggies and fruits tastier.

The bottom line

As you can see, there are a lot of side dishes that go well with beef tender sandwiches, and we have given you five options that we find most suitable and easy to make.

You can make your own decision on which one is best for you based on the ingredients or taste preference.

Let us know if you have more delicious recipes for other side dishes to serve with beef tenderloin sandwiches.