6 Vegetables Recipes To Balance Your Beef Stroganoff

beef stroganoff vegetable side dish

Serving vegetables with Beef Stroganoff is a great way to get your family to load with nutrients from veggies.

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If you are looking for some ideas on what vegetables to serve with Beef Stroganoff, read on to learn more!

What is Beef Stroganoff?

Beef Stroganoff is a Russian dish that consists of pieces of beef sauteed in a heavy and rich sauce.

The stroganoff sauce often contains sour cream, beef broth, and a thickening agent like flour for a thicker consistency.

The resulting dish has a tangy and rich taste of the ingredients.

Beef Stroganoff is traditionally served over egg noodles, or with other starches like rice, and vegetables for a hearty meal.

What to consider when choosing vegetables to serve with Beef Stroganoff?

Vegetables are typically used to balance the savory and rich taste of the meat-based main course.

So what to consider to choose the best vegetable companion to serve with your Beef Stroganoff?

Here are some key factors that you should keep in mind:

Choose vegetables that are in season

You better buy vegetables that are in season to ensure the freshness and safety of the veggie.

Eating vegetables that are grown with toxins might cause foodborne illnesses.

So it is better to protect your family’s health by purchasing vegetables in season and which are sold at reputable stores.

Consider between leafy green or starchy vegetables

There are two types of vegetables that you can consider serving with your Beef Stroganoff.

If you want a light and refreshing side dish, you can opt for leafy greens.

Otherwise, starchy veggies will be more suitable if you want to be fuller.

It all depends on your preference and purpose to stick with your favorite type of veggie.

The vegetable side dish should have a milder flavor to complement the rich and savory Beef Stroganoff

The last thing to keep in mind when choosing vegetables for your Beef Stroganoff is that the flavor of the side dish should be mild.

The mild flavor of your vegetable dish will help balance the rich and savory taste of your main course.

6 best vegetable recipes to serve with Beef Stroganoff

Here are the six veggie recipes that we find best to serve on the side of Beef Stroganoff:

1.     Baked sweet potatoes

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Baked sweet potatoes are our first recommendation to accompany your Beef Stroganoff.

Sweet potatoes have a slightly sweet taste that is very pleasant instead of being too sweet and can overpower your main course.

You can bake whole sweet potatoes with their peel on, or slice them into equal wedges for the baking recipe.

Besides a good taste, sweet potatoes can help keep you fuller because of being high in carbs.

2.     Braised kales

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Kales are one of the most common types of veggies that are consumed in America.

There are different ways to cook kales, but braising is a method that you really should try.

Kales are first sauteed with some olive oil, then are braised in a meat-based broth or vegetable broth, with some red onion, soy sauce, and black pepper.

3.     Steamed green beans

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You can also serve your Beef Stroganoff with steamed green beans.

Steaming helps keep the natural green color, sweetness, and nutrients of green beans.

Steamed green beans don’t contain any oil or fat, so you will have a very healthy side dish to offset the rich and savory taste of Beef Stroganoff.

4.     Mashed cauliflower

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The fourth vegetable option to serve with your Beef Stroganoff is mashed cauliflower.

If you get bored of the classic mashed potatoes, you can try mashed cauliflower.

Making a mash from cauliflower will be a healthier way to have a diet with lower carbs.

5.     Roasted asparagus

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Asparagus is one of the most common types of vegetables that are ideal for roasting.

Roasted asparagus has a crunchy texture, vibrant green color, and tastes like beans or broccoli.

You can add some ingredients like garlic, olive oil, or lemon to make roasted asparagus more flavorful.

Asparagus is also well-known for being very healthy, so why not have this eye-catching, nutritious, and delicious side dish to serve with your Beef Stroganoff?

6.     Sauteed mushrooms

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In case your Beef Stroganoff doesn’t contain mushrooms, this type of veggie can work as a great side dish.

Sauteing is a good way to cook mushrooms.

The resulting dish has a typical umami flavor of mushrooms, and is packed with flavors and nutrients.

The bottom line

Beef Stroganoff is a classic dish that is enjoyed by people of any age.

It can be served over different starches, but vegetables are also an indispensable part of the meal.

They are packed with many essential vitamins and minerals to benefit your health.

Consider choosing one or some from our six aforementioned vegetable suggestions to serve with Beef Stroganoff and please everyone at your party.