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beef stroganoff soup side dish

No one will say no to a hearty and rich bowl of soup on the side Beef Stroganoff.

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But which soup is best to serve with this Russian beef dish?

The answer can be found in this post.

Keep reading and learn more about Beef Stroganoff and the best soups to pair with it.

What is Beef Stroganoff?

Beef Stroganoff is a classic Russian dish that features slices of beef (normally beef flank steak or sirloin steak) stir-fried in a Stroganoff sauce.

The sauce is often made of beef broth, sour cream, butter, flour, and sometimes includes mushrooms too.

Beef Stroganoff should be served hot so it is perfect for cold days.

It is easy and quick enough to have a delicious and hearty dish for weeknight meals.

What to consider when choosing soups to serve with Beef Stroganoff?

Here are some tips that can help you choose the right kind of soup recipe to accompany your Beef Stroganoff that everyone will love:

Don’t rely on too much cream for your soup

Since the main course is already relatively creamy, the soup shouldn’t contain too much cream.

Using cream will help your soup have a creamy and appealing consistency, but overusing this dairy product in your soup when served with Beef Stroganoff will make the whole meal quite heavy and hard to eat.

Consider a meat-based or vegan-based soup to serve with Beef Stroganoff

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a soup for Beef Stroganoff is to consider between a meat-based soup or a vegan one.

Both kinds of soups are delicious and flavorful, so it all depends on your preference or diet restriction.

However, we would recommend a vegan-based soup to accompany Beef Stroganoff because you already have enough meat from the main course, and a meat-free soup can help make your meal more balanced.

5 best soup recipes to serve with Beef Stroganoff

Serving soups with Beef Stroganoff?

Why not?

Check out the five soup recipes below and choose the one that you like the most:

1.     Mushroom soup

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Mushrooms are a great ingredient to accompany Beef Stroganoff.

But you should only serve your Beef Stroganoff with mushroom soup only when the main course doesn’t contain mushrooms.

Mushroom soup often comes with a creamy texture and taste due to the use of heavy whipping cream.

It is packed with flavor and nutrients, and the umami taste of mushrooms is just so perfect on the side of Beef Stroganoff.

2.     Butternut squash soup

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Another kind of soup that you can serve with your Beef Stroganoff is butternut squash soup.

This soup has a vibrant orange color and a sweet taste from butternut squash and other ingredients, making it so appealing from its appearance to its taste.

3.     Vegetable soup

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You can also serve your Beef Stroganoff with a vegetable soup.

This vegan soup uses different kinds of veggies like sweet potatoes, green beans,  corn, carrots, and tomato paste to add color, to result in a flavorful soup without needing to use meat or any meat-based product.

You will be surprised at how delicious and light it is without breaking the budget.

4.     Creamy potato soup

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A creamy potato soup is also great on the side of Beef Stroganoff.

This soup contains gold potatoes that are stewed sour cream, a broth, shredded cheese, and sprinkled with some red pepper flakes.

To make this potato soup more flavorful, you can add other fragrant veggies like onions, carrots, or garlic.

5.     Spiced carrot and lentil soup

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Spiced carrot and lentil soup is a nutritious and eye-catching dish that can work well with your Beef Stroganoff.

It has a rich and sweet taste from the ingredients to offset the savory taste of the beef.

Any soup should be served hot, including spiced carrot and lentil soup, so your meal with this soup and Beef Stroganoff is perfect for a winter day.

The bottom line

There are many delicious soup options out there for you to choose from and serve with your Beef Stroganoff.

Serving your Beef Stroganoff with one of the aforementioned soup recipes will definitely give you a hearty and delicious meal that can literally warm you up.

Enjoy cooking!