5 Best Side Dishes For Beef Stroganoff That Will Make You Think Twice About The Side Dish

beef stroganoff side dish

If you are looking for an easy to prepare, yet satisfying meal that is sure to please the whole family, then beef stroganoff is just what you need.

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But what should you serve with this dish to make the main course even more special and delicious?

We will tell you the five best side dishes to accompany beef stroganoff in this article below.

Check out and make your next meal with beef stroganoff more hearty.

What is beef stroganoff?

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Beef stroganoff is a traditional Russian dish that has been around for centuries.

The main ingredients are beef, mushrooms, and onions that are sauteed in a stroganoff sauce that is typically made of beef broth and sour cream thickened with flour.

This dish can be found in plenty of restaurants all over the world, or it can also be made at home with ease.

The resulting dish should have a creamy taste and texture.

Beef stroganoff can be served as the main course with other sides served along with it to create a hearty meal in minutes.

What to consider when choosing a beef stroganoff’s side dish?

It can be tough if you do not know what to look for in a side dish of beef stroganoff, the following cooking tips will help you choose the right companion for this Russian delicacy:

Opt for a starch ingredient like rice or noodles to fill your stomach

Normally, a plate of beef stroganoff might not be enough to fill your empty tummy.

Therefore, you would want to serve this Russian classic with a bowl of rice or over egg noodles.

This will make sure that you can have enough protein as well as starch to provide sufficient energy for your day.

Go for a crunchy and healthy salad if you want your diet to be lighter and healthier

In case you find your beef stroganoff too heavy or rich, accompanying it with a crunchy raw salad will be a wise choice.

Salads are a healthy dish that can be both light and flavorful due to the use of a dressing.

The natural slightly sweet taste of raw vegetables or fruits can help balance the greasy and rich taste of beef stroganoff.

Serve beef stroganoff with several side dishes if you have time and want a hearty meal

There are many side dish options for you to choose from to serve with beef stroganoff.

You can go for one or several accompaniments depending on your preference and purpose.

If you have time and want to turn this dish into a hearty meal for the whole family to enjoy, then serve it with a couple of sides, including both vegetables and starch dishes.

5 best side dishes to serve with beef stroganoff

Beef stroganoff is a delicious dish that many people love.

However, it can be boring to eat this dish alone.

Don’t worry, the following recipes for the five best beef stroganoff side dishes will help you achieve a hearty meal without any fuss:

1.     Rice

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Rice is one of the simplest side dishes to serve with beef stroganoff.

You can opt for different kinds of rice, from white to brown, short grain to long grain.

Rice is mostly grown in the Asia-Pacific Region, but now, it can be found anywhere in the world.

Just have some rice cooked in water in an electric rice cooker, you can have a good side dish that goes well with most savory dishes.

2.     Pasta

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Pasta is another popular side dish for beef stroganoff.

There are different kinds of pasta, and it is often blanched and sauteed with some spices before being served with beef stroganoff.

3.      Steamed/ sauteed green beans

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If you want to add some color and texture to your beef stroganoff, it is best to serve it with green beans.

Either steamed or sauteed green beans can work well in this case.

Green beans are affordable, nutritious, and great to add to your diet frequently.

4.     Mashed potatoes

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Another classic to pair with beef stroganoff is mashed potatoes.

This common side dish can be made in minutes by even a novice cook.

Mashed potatoes are inexpensive, rich, and can fill your tummy.

The slightly sweet taste of this dish is just enough to offset the creamy and rich taste of beef stroganoff.

5.     Salads

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As already mentioned, salads are a great companion for beef stroganoff.

There are many salad recipes that are made from different kinds of vegetables, so just combine your favorite ingredients for your own salad.

The refreshing taste and crunchy texture of salads will definitely complement your meal.

The bottom line

There are different types of beef stroganoff recipes, as well as their side dish.

It is typically paired with a starch dish like rice or pasta to fill your empty stomach.

But if you want to go for something lighter and healthier, a crunchy salad would be a great choice too.

Just ask other members before making these side dishes to serve with your beef stroganoff to make sure that the whole family will enjoy your meal with different options of food.