6 Side Dishes That Pair Well With Beef Stews

beef stew side dish

Beef stew is a classic dish in many cuisines.

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There is nothing more suitable for a winter dinner than a beef stew.

In fact, there are numerous side dish recipes that will be sure to please your family and friends when paired with beef stew.

Let’s accompany us and check it out in this article.

What is a beef stew?

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Beef stew is a dish that is made with beef chunks and vegetables like onions, potatoes, and carrots cooked in water or stock for a long time until the ingredients break down and become very tender.

This dish has been around for centuries to make use of tough cuts of beef because they are hard and chewy when quickly cooked in grilling or pan-searing recipes.

Beef stew has a rich flavor and should always be served hot.

What to consider when choosing a beef stew’s side dish?

There are many side dishes that go well with beef stew, but it doesn’t mean that you can randomly cook something that just pops up in your mind to pair with beef stew.

Don’t worry, with the tips below, you will know what will be best to serve with your beef stew:

Beef stew goes well with different textures, from crunchy to soft and creamy

There are many companions that go great with beef stew, and they can have different textures.

You will love crunchy bites from the side dish while taking a sip of beef stew.

Meanwhile, a soft-textured dish can also be perfect to accompany the beef stew.

Choose a starchy side if you want to be fuller

Beef stew provides you with protein from beef with a rich and thick liquid.

If you want to be fuller, you should pair your beef stew with starchy side dishes that are packed with a good amount of carbohydrates, such as rice or bread.

6 best side dishes to serve with beef stew

There is more than just a bowl of rice to eat with beef stew and make your meal more hearty.

Here are the six best side dishes to serve with your next pot of beef stew:

1.      French baguette

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French baguettes are a classic, simple, yet tasty side dish to go well with many dishes, especially beef stew.

They can be served as an appetizer with a hearty filling or dessert with cheese and something sweet.

When serving French baguettes with beef stew, you only need plain baguettes that are cut or shredded into bite-sized pieces for dipping into the stew.

2.    Mashed potatoes

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Beef stew also goes well with potatoes.

Mashed potatoes are an easy-to-make side dish that can take you out of your hunger quickly.

It is also a classic companion for many fried or roasted dishes.

3.     Rice

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The easiest way to find a good side dish for beef stew is to prepare a pot of steamed rice.

Rice is a staple in many Asian countries, so every kitchen is stocked with this ingredient.

It is effortless to have a hot bowl of steamed rice to enjoy with a savory and hearty beef stew.

4.     Dumplings

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Dumplings can be a good side dish for beef stew too.

Although there are many recipes for the fillings of the dumplings, you should opt for the type without the fillings when serving light and mild flavor from pure dumplings will be a better choice.

5.     Corn muffins

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Corn has a slightly sweet and neutral flavor that goes perfectly with many dishes.

Therefore, making a corn-based dish will be a good idea to elevate your beef stew.

Corn muffins are an example, but you can also opt for cornbread or corn pudding.

6.     Green salads

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For those who want to add more vitamins and minerals to their meals because there are enough proteins and carbs from beef stew, green salads are the way to go.

You can combine different kinds of vegetables in your salad recipes, finely chop, and drizzle the mixture with any kind of your favorite dressing to achieve a delicious and nutritious salad to accompany the beef stew.

The bottom line

With our six aforementioned ideas to serve with your beef stew, you will never have to worry about making a hearty meal with these delicious items.

Most of these dishes are easy to eat, which is assured to please everyone’s taste buds.

Try all and let us know if you want to serve your beef stew with what side dish.