7 Good-tasting Drinks To Pair With Beef Stew

beef stew drink side dish

There’s nothing quite as comforting as a bowl of warm beef stew.

Whether it’s winter or not, beef stew is always a welcome dish to serve and eat.

As with any dish, the beverage you choose to pair with your beef stew can make or break the experience.

Sure, you could order a bottle of wine at the restaurant or grab some beer from the store and call it good.

But if you want to elevate your next meal and impress friends at your next dinner party, you should really understand these options.

Now, read on for more information!

What is a beef stew?

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A beef stew is a dish of beef, cut into small pieces and cooked in a liquid.

Beef chuck is a common cut for stewing because it is relatively tough and well-marbled, and these characteristics are perfect for the slow cooking method.

The meat is usually cooked until tender in a liquid that is usually a broth, water, and/or some red wine.

The dish may also contain vegetables such as carrots and potatoes that are fully incorporated into the stew or kept separate from it and served on the side.

Beef stew is typically served hot, making it an excellent choice for a cold day.

What to consider when choosing a beverage to serve with beef stew?

When choosing the beverage to serve with your beef stew, it is important that you choose a beverage that goes well with the spices in the stew.

For example, if your beef stew contains ginger and other sweet spices, it would not go well with a beer like stout or lager.

Instead, you should choose something like white wine or rosé.

Additionally, make sure that your beverage does not contain too much sugar because this can overwhelm the taste of the stew (and also clog your arteries).

This can be especially problematic if you are serving red wine along with your meal as most red wines have higher levels of sugar than other types of alcohol such as whiskey or gin.

7 best kinds of beverages to serve with your beef stew

If you want to spice up your meal with something new and liquidy instead of another heavy dish on the side of beef stew, then the seven beverages below will be exactly what you are looking for:

Belgian beer

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There are a lot of reasons why Belgian beer is a good choice with beef stew.

First, it’s hearty.

It has more flavor than other beers and can stand up to the bold flavor of your hearty stew.

Second, despite being hearty, it’s still light and refreshing.

Because Belgian beers are brewed without bitter hops, they’re ideal for drinking on warm days when your tongue needs something refreshing rather than heavy or pungent.

Thirdly, Belgian beers come in many different styles (amber-colored ales are especially good for this dish), so you can find one that matches your personal taste preferences perfectly and easily!

Dark Ale

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Dark Ales are a good choice for beef stew.

They are full-bodied and malty and have an underlying richness that complements the hearty beef stew.

Dark ales are brewed with roasted malts, which gives them their dark color and nutty flavor.

These malts also give them some dryness, which pairs well with sauces or gravies that are often served with beef stews.

Orange Juice

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If you are not a fan of beer or any other alcoholic beverage, orange juice can be a good choice to serve with beef stew.

The pairing of orange juice and beef stews is not only complementary in terms of taste but also visually appealing.

The vibrant orange color of the juice makes for an attractive presentation when paired with the dark brown hue of most stews.

Orange juice is best when freshly squeezed, but if you are short on time, store-bought orange juice can work at some point.


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Grenache is a red wine made from Grenache grapes, so it’s not surprising that it’s good with beef stew.

The full-bodied flavor and fruity notes of the wine mix well with the rich, hearty flavors of beef and mushrooms in any stew.

Grenache is also an excellent choice for serving other foods that have a similar taste profile to beef stew such as barbecued meats like pork ribs or brisket.


Catena Malbec, 750 ml

Malbec is a red wine grape variety that is grown in France, Italy, Spain, Australia, and Argentina.

It is a dark red wine with a strong tannin structure that can be aged for 10 years or more.

The wine’s body gives the stew a more robust texture, while its subtle sweetness balances out the savory notes of meat.

The wine’s deep red color also matches well with the browns and reds in beef stew.

If you like full-bodied wines with lots of character then this is your drink!


Globerati Tempranillo, 750 ml

If you want to serve wine with your beef stew, consider Tempranillo.

Tempranillo is a Spanish red wine that pairs well with beef stews.

It’s a dry red wine and medium-bodied, so it’s not overpowering.

It also goes well with many types of cuisine, including Italian dishes like pasta or pizza.

Because Tempranillo has the ability to pair well with food without overwhelming it, it’s often considered an all-purpose wine (though this doesn’t mean it won’t stand out when paired with beef stew).

Because of its versatility, Tempranillo is often used as a go-to table wine for casual gatherings where guests may not be familiar with more expensive options—its affordability makes it ideal for family dinners or large group parties where everyone wants something different from their glass than what they’d normally order at home while watching TV.

Cabernet Sauvignon

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Cabernet Sauvignon is a great beverage for beef stew because it complements the flavor of beef, and it’s also high in tannins, which help to break down the meat.

It’s not just that Cabernet Sauvignon goes so well with beef stew—the two flavors actually complement each other.

The tartness of Cabernet Sauvignon helps to cut through the richness of the stew, while its tannins help to break down the meat in your mouth so that it melts more easily.

This means that you’ll get a smoother, more luxurious experience with every bite.

Cabernet Sauvignon also has a long finish that can stand up to all that meat and sauce!


These are just a few examples of drinks you can serve with beef stew.

If you’re looking for something to pair with this delicious dish, consider one of these options and enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

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