5 Side Dish Ideas For Beef Sandwiches

beef sandwich side dish

Beef sandwiches are among popular American dishes, and they can be served as a snack.

To serve beef sandwiches as the main meal for breakfast or dinner, you might want some delicious side dishes.

Read on to learn about different beef sandwiches’ side dishes that can make your meal more flavorful and nutritious with ease.

What are beef sandwiches?

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A beef sandwich is a type of sandwich with beef being the filling.

It can be ground beef, shredded beef, or beef steak that is slow-cooked until tender with condiments like salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, or Worcestershire sauce.

The beef often comes with a slice of cheese, tomatoes, onions, or lettuce for a more nutritious and flavorful sandwich.

Beef sandwiches can be enjoyed at any time of the day, as a snack, brunch, or the main course.

What to consider when choosing a beef sandwich’s side dish?

Choosing the side dish for a beef sandwich is an important part if you want to serve a hearty meal to your loved ones without much effort.

The options are endless and can be overwhelming, so it’s best if you know what to consider when choosing a beef sandwich’s side dish.

Here are some tips from us that can help you pick or cook the right side dish to serve with beef sandwiches:

Choose the texture of the side dish you prefer as beef sandwiches go well with soft, crunchy, or liquidy textures

It is quite easy to pair beef sandwiches with a good side dish because this cooking item works well with different textures.

From crunchy chips or salads to tender meat or vegan soups, all can be done with ease and complement the texture and flavor of beef sandwiches.

Consider what kind of meal you want to serve your beef sandwiches

As already mentioned, beef sandwiches can be served in numerous ways at any time of the day.

Therefore, you should consider what kind of meal you want to serve your beef sandwiches to choose the right side dish.

If you only want to consume it as a snack or for brunch, some French fries or a cup of soft drink is enough.

Otherwise, if you want to turn your beef sandwiches into a hearty meal for lunch or dinner, a bowl of hot soup, salad, and pickles will be ideal.

5 best side dishes to serve with beef sandwiches

If you want to make your meal with beef sandwiches more than just two slices of toast with the beef filling, try out the following side dish recipes to wow your loved ones:

1.     French fries

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French fries, or fried potatoes, are a classic side dish to pair with comfort foods like beef sandwiches.

You can get this perfect pair from any fast-food restaurant, or make your own beef sandwiches and French fries at home.

The crunchy potato slices or sticks go perfectly with tender and juicy beef sandwiches.

2.     Salads

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If you want to opt for a healthier side, salads will be a great choice to pair with beef sandwiches.

You can make green salads or fruit salads depending on your preference.

The refreshing flavor of salads can help balance out the meaty and greasy taste of your beef sandwiches, especially if you don’t have any veggies inside those toasts.

3.      Baked beans

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Baked beans can be a good side dish for beef sandwiches.

This hearty is tender and rich in vegan protein, as well as other essential nutrients.

Baked beans take hours to become tender, so you should prepare this dish prior if you want to have a good and healthy side dish to serve with your beef sandwiches.

4.     Pickles

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For those who find beef sandwiches a bit greasy, try eating them with pickles.

The sour taste and crunchy texture of pickles are very satisfying when eating beef sandwiches.

Pickles can be made from different kinds of vegetables, but the most common types are cucumber, daikon, cabbage, beets, onions, or carrots.

5.     Soups

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In case you want to serve your beef sandwiches with something hearty and suitable for a winter day, soups are what you are looking for.

You can make use of the beef bones that are removed before cooking beef for sandwiches to make soups, or try a more vegan-friendly soup from mushrooms and different kinds of vegetables.

The bottom line

If you have been looking for some new ideas on how to make your beef sandwiches more delicious and hearty, hopefully, our article is helpful.

Beef sandwiches are great, but this dish can be more impressive when served with the five aforementioned side dishes.

The best thing is that all of those side dishes are easy to make and delicious.

Enjoy your meal!