4 Best Beef Roast For Slicing: What Kind Of Beef Roast Is Best For Deli-style Slicing?

beef roast for slicing

One of the most important things to do when serving a beef roast is slicing it.

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This may seem like an easy task, but it actually makes all the difference in tasting and seeing how well done your meat is.

If you don’t slice up your beef right away, then chances are you will have chewy and tasteless pieces of meat.

This post will go over the top four best cuts of beef roast for easy slicing and the tips to choose them.

How to choose beef roast for slicing?

Choosing a good cut of beef roast for slicing is not that hard because it mainly depends on the technique of slicing.

However, if you pay attention to details when choosing beef roast for slicing, you will have a better dish:

1.     Choose a fresh cut of beef roast for more flavors

The first thing to keep in mind is that a fresh cut of the beef roast will always be a better choice.

A fresh meat cut is packed with more flavors and a firmer texture, making it easier when thinly slicing.

Moreover, you can also get rid of getting foodborne illnesses from stale or frozen beef.

You can look for a fresh cut of beef from a reputable local butcher shop for a better price and quality.

2.     Consider the size of the roast cut

The second thing you should pay attention to when choosing beef roast for slicing is the size of the roast cut.

It is essential to determine your family consumption to purchase the most suitable size of the beef cut to not to have any leftovers and it easier for slicing.

If you have to buy a large cut of beef, cut it into half before thinly slicing to make sure the meat cut will not be broken while slicing.

3.     Think about the cooking method to have the right cut of beef roast 

Another tip to choose the right cut of beef roast is that you should consider the cooking method that you are going to cook your beef roast.

For example, you can roast it in a crockpot, oven, stew it, or bake it.

The differences in the cooking methods might result in different textures of the meat and the technique when slicing.

4 best beef roasts for slicing

There are many types of beef roasts on the market.

Some of them are good for slicing, while others might not.

Below are the best beef roast cuts that we find ideal for slicing:

1.     Eye of round roast

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An eye of round roast is a type of beef that comes from the bottom round.

It is lean and flavorful, but it can be tough if not cooked correctly.

The eye of a round roast is great for slow-cooking methods like roasting in a crockpot because all the connective tissues are broken down and become tender when cooked slowly over low heat.

When serving, make sure you have a sharp knife to thinly slice the roasted meat and use it per your preference.

2.     Sirloin tip roast

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Sirloin tip roast is a cut of beef that is typically sold as whole roasts.

This lean piece of meat has several names, including sirloin tip, round tip, and knuckle steak.

It is taken from the top portion of the round or hip area on the cow which gives it its lean qualities.

Sirloin tip roast can be used in many recipes because it cooks quickly and can be made into any number of different dishes depending on your tastes.

3.     Tri-tip roast

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You can also use a tri-tip roast for slicing.

This cut comes from the bottom sirloin and has a large fat cap on one side.

It is typically roasted whole or trimmed until it reaches medium-rare doneness.

The tri-tip roast can be cut into steaks, strips, cubes, or thinly sliced to serve with sandwiches.

4.     Tenderloin roast

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Another suggestion of beef roast cut that is perfect for thinly slicing is a tenderloin roast.

It is a fantastic cut of meat that is sold at a high price so that not everyone can afford it.

A tenderloin roast cooks quickly but still achieves a very tender texture of meat that can even melt in your mouth.

It can be cooked in different ways, but the meat should be medium instead of fully cooked.

The bottom line

Now you know that slicing a beef roast is not as easy as cutting through a block of butter.

It actually requires attention to detail and care.

There are numerous cuts of beef roasts with different fat content and qualities which make them best thinly sliced and the meat is juicy and tender.

Remember to always slice the beef cut against the grain and as thin as possible so that you can have deli beef roast right in your house.