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6 Best Cuts Of Beef Roast For Medium Rare

Every housewife wants to know how to make the best beef roast for medium-rare.

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A lot of people think it is difficult, but with this article, you will see that it’s not.

You can choose your favorite cut and follow these simple instructions on how to cook a perfect medium-rare roast every time! Let’s explore now! 

How to choose the best beef roast for medium-rare?

Beef roasts are a great option for dinner.

However, it can be difficult to choose the best beef roast when you don’t know what you’re looking for.

If you want your steak medium rare and juicy, follow these steps: 

1. Choose a roast that is not too lean

You want a juicy, medium-rare beef roast.

The key to getting just that is not being too lean and choosing one with plenty of fat throughout for juiciness!

2. Look for roasts that are labeled ‘rare’, ‘medium rare’, or ‘medium’

The best beef roast for medium-rare is the one that has been labeled “medium.” These are, of course, more difficult to find than their counterparts but they will make your chateaubriand melt in the mouth.

3. Avoid roasts with the words like “well-done” and “very well done” on them

When it comes to choosing the best beef roast for medium-rare, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

The first thing is avoiding roasts with words like “well-done” or “very well done” on them because these terms indicate how long after cooking has finished.

4. The more marbling in the meat, the juicier it will be when cooked to medium-rare 

The best way to get the juiciest, most flavorful beef roast for medium-rare is with a leaner cut.

The more marbling in your meat and less fat it has on either side will make for an incredible dish when cooked correctly!

5. Make sure the roast is at least 1-inch thick

A medium-rare roast is a delicacy.

To get the best flavor and texture, select beef that has at least an inch of thickness for your desired cut to ensure it’s cooked just right!

6 best cuts of beef roast for medium-rare

These cuts of beef roast are some of the best for medium-rare.

Beef roasts can be challenging to cook, but these cuts will give you a delicious and juicy meal that is easy enough for any home cook.

1. Rib roast

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The rib roast is a steak that’s often cooked medium-rare.

It has the best flavor when it’s tender, juicy, and full-bodied with just enough fat to keep things together but not so much there will be no juice in your mouth!

2. Eye round roast

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Eye round roast is a cut of beef that can be cooked to an ideal medium-rare.

This means it has the best flavor and texture for dishes requiring this type of cooking temperature, according to experts in food preparation!

3. Sirloin tip roast

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Sirloin tip roast is a great cut of beef for those who enjoy their meat cooked medium-rare.

It’s also well-known as “the most flavorful part” because it has more marbling with connective tissue than other parts of an animal, which makes this inexpensive piece transform into something luxurious when grilled or roasted!

4. Chuck eye rib pot roast

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Chuck eye rib pot roast is a cut of meat that’s good for medium-rare.

The externals, or skin on this particular piece; end up being really flavorful because it has been cooked in such an open flame during the cooking time which helps develop those natural flavors we all want to experience when eating something delicious!

5. Bottom sirloin butt, boneless 

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The bottom sirloin butt is a great choice for medium-rare, bone-in beef.

It has more marbling than other parts of the cow and it’s well-suited to being cooked slowly with low heat sources so that all those flavors can come through mixed together beautifully!

6. Round tip steak, boneless

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The round tip steak is a popular choice for those who enjoy medium-rare meat.

The cut comes from beef that’s been strip loins or skirt, and it has little in common with its better-known cousin – rib eye roast.


We hope this blog post has helped you learn how to prepare the perfect roast for your family.

Remember, it’s never too late or early to start planning for holiday dinners! To ensure that all of your dishes are cooked perfectly, make sure you take a peek at our collection of choosing the best beef roast for medium-rare.

Enjoy your meal! 

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