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5 Best Beef Roast For Grilling: Can A Roast Cut Work On The Grill?

A beef roast cut is a versatile cut, not only for roasting but also works great on the grill.

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Roasts come from different cuts, so it is important to know what is perfect for grilling before going shopping for it.

Let’s accompany us and figure out what cuts of beef roast you should buy for your next grilling party.

How to choose beef roast for grilling?

Although there are many beef roasts that are perfect for cooking on the grill, it doesn’t mean that you can randomly pick one without selecting it.

Don’t worry, there are some tips to help you choose the best beef roast for grilling so that the next time shopping for this cut will be a piece of cake:

1. A tender cut is better for grilling

Nobody would reject a tender cut of beef.

With a tender cut, cooking has never been easier than that.

It takes less time to cook and the result is still juicy, flavorful, and very soft.

However, a tender cut often comes with a higher price, which is the main reason why it is not as common as other moderate cuts among home chefs.

2. A tough cut should be tenderized with a meat tenderizer before grilling

The good news is that a tough cut of beef can be a great candidate for grilling.

If you are afraid of ending up with a chewy dish, you can slice it into thinner cuts or tenderize the beef cut with a meat tenderizer.

There are some advantages to buying a tough cut of beef.

The first thing is that it is more affordable, and the second thing is a tough beef cut is often well-marbled so your dish will be juicier and more flavorful if properly cooked.

3. You should marinate the beef cut before grilling

Another tip to have the best cut of beef for grilling is that it should be marinated before cooking.

A marinade can both add flavors to the meat as well as keep the meat juicy when cooking over an open flame.

Best beef roast for grilling

Now, it’s time to break down the best beef cuts for grilling so that you know why they are perfect to be added to your next grilling batch:

1. Tenderloin roast

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A tenderloin roast is what anyone would crave.

It is lean, tender, and juicy if you cook it to medium-rare on the grill.

This roast cut is also one of the high-quality beef cuts that are often served in restaurants.

A tenderloin roast takes a little time and effort to produce a mouth-watering dish that can satisfy even the pickiest eater.

2. Top sirloin roast

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Another option of beef roast for grilling is a top sirloin roast.

It is more affordable than the tenderloin but still considered one of the top choices of beef cut.

A top sirloin roast is lean but can be juicy and tender when properly cooked.

When served thinly sliced, it resembles the texture and flavor of beef tenderloin.

3. Chuck roast

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A chuck roast is an economical way to add protein and spice up your meal.

Typically, this cut is ideal for a slow-cooking recipe like oven roasting, pot roasting, or stewing.

However, grilling a chuck roast can be a good choice too.

Make sure that the cut is tenderized before grilling so that the resulting dish is juicy, flavorful, and tender.

4. Round roast

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Another cut that is even more economical to add to your grilling party is a round roast.

This cut comes from the rear end of the cow, it is also a cut with a tough texture.

A round roast needs to be tenderized with a meat tenderizer and marinated with a marinade sauce or some olive oil before grilling.

By doing this, your grilled round roast will be more tender and you can prevent it from drying out.

5. T-bone roast

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A T-bone roast cut is another good cut that can be cooked in different ways.

It is sold with the T-shaped bone intact, and you just need to leave it as it is on the grill without any effort to process the cut.

A T-bone roast has a moderate price but is very flavorful with sufficient marbling fat.

The bottom line

Different cuts of beef might require different cooking times.

Therefore, make sure you have the right cut for your grill and check the internal temperature of the meat frequently.

You will want a moderately tender to tender cut or a thin tough cut of beef roast so that the grilled meat will be juicy, flavorful, and not hard to chew.

It is best to make friends with your local butchers so that you can always have the best cuts of beef roast from them.

Good luck!

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