Beef Pot Pie Tastes Like Soap: Is It Safe To Eat Beef That Tastes Like Soap When Being Pot Pie?

beef pot pie tastes like soap

If your beef pot pie has ever tasted like soap, this article is for you.

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Will it be because of the crust or the filling?

And what are the reasons behind this problem?

Let’s figure it out!

Why does my beef pot pie taste like soap?

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Although not everyone has experienced a beef pot pie with a soapy taste, many people have complained about this problem.

So what causes this bleaching taste in your succulent beef pot pie?

Here are some reasons:

Unrinsed kitchenware

It might be not because of your beef or other ingredients in the beef pot pie recipe, but due to the unrinsed kitchenware instead.

Regular dishwasher detergents have a soapy taste, so if you don’t completely wash and rinse your kitchenware that is used to make your beef pot pie, chances are the soapy taste will linger on your dish.

Your ingredients include phosphate

A beef pot pie consists of different ingredients, so if they are packed with preservatives that include phosphate, the resulting dish might end up with a soapy taste.

Phosphate is sometimes used to preserve the texture and flavor of food ingredients, especially meat.

If it is used more than the allowable amount, the soapy taste is the unavoidable thing.

The crust is too salty

Many people think that the soapy taste in their beef pot pie could be because of the iodized salt they use in the recipe.

There is too much salt and not enough sugar to balance out the salty flavor of the crust, making the baked dough have a taste that is similar to soap.

Is it safe to eat beef pot pie that tastes like soap?

If your beef pot pie has a subtly soapy taste, it is considered to be safe to consume.

However, if you figure out other signs of spoilage coming with the pie, or you cannot handle the strong soapy taste in your beef pot pie, then we recommend throwing it away.

In case you have a sensitive digestive system, when eating food that contains a certain amount of dishwasher, you can upset your stomach and feel like throwing up. 

How to get rid of the soapy taste from beef pot pie?

It is easy to get rid of the soapy taste from your beef pot pie.

Just refer to our methods below and you will never experience the soapy taste in your beef pot pie or any other beef dishes:

Wash and rinse your cooking equipment carefully before using it to make beef pot pie

The easiest way to rule out the possibility of getting the soapy taste from your unrinsed kitchenware is to wash and rinse it thoroughly.

It is great if you have a dishwashing machine.

Otherwise, just wash it under a running tap of cool or warm water.

If you have cooked something with a strong odor and soap couldn’t remove that smell, you can rinse it with vinegar, baking soda, or lime juice.

These natural bleaching agents can help remove any bad odor in your kitchenware but don’t forget to rinse it again with fresh water.

Opt for organic ingredients to make beef pot pies

Another thing you can do to get rid of the soapy taste from your beef pot pie is to opt for organic ingredients.

From the meat to other vegetable ingredients, you should shop for them in reputable or organic stores.

Buying organic ingredients will not only lower the chance of getting preservatives like phosphate in your elements but also make your beef pot pie taste better.

The only problem is that organic and fresh ingredients also come with a higher price that not every family can afford.

The bottom line

We have discussed the most common reasons for the soapy taste in your beef pot pie and ways to get rid of it.

It can be the cause of the crust, the filling, or both, but whatever the reason behind it is, now that you know how to fix it or avoid getting the same problem for the next time making a beef pot pie.