The 5 Best Side Dishes To Accompany Pulled Beef Sandwiches So You Can Eat 6 At Once

beef pot pie side dish

If you are wondering what to serve with your beef pot pie, we have some perfect recipes for you in this article.

These side dishes are great for different occasions and sure to please everyone at the table.

Don’t wait another second before trying out these awesome recipes!

What is a beef pot pie?

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Many people are more familiar with a chicken pot pie, but a beef pot pie is another way to go if you prefer a more flavorful taste.

A beef pot pie is a dish that is made out of a pie crust, ground or shredded beef, different kinds of vegetables (normally carrots, peas, and onions), beef broth, red wine, and other condiments to enhance the flavor of the dish.

Beef pot pies can be made at home or purchased from a store.

Its taste can vary depending on what you use in the recipe, but typically, it is rich, beefy, and hearty.

This dish is great for family gatherings or special occasions.

Each bite consists of pastry, beef, and vegetables, making it a quick and nutritious option to enjoy at any time of the day as the main course.

What to consider when choosing a beef pot pie’s side dish?

A beef pot pie is so comforting and hearty.

But what side dish should you choose to go with this delicacy?

Well, here are some things you should keep in mind to have the best sides that perfectly complement your beef pot pie without any fuss:

There is no need to serve beef pot pies with a heavy starchy dish like rice or pasta

A beef pot pie already contains carbs from the pie crust and protein from meat.

Therefore, there is no need to serve this dish with a heavy starchy side dish like rice or noodles, but you can still feel full.

Beef pot pies are best to enjoy with vegetables

It is best to pair beef pot pies with a vegetable side dish because the refreshing flavors and nutrients from vegetables can make your meal more nutritious, healthier, and harmonious.

There are many ways to cook vegetables, so just opt for your favorite one to have the best side dish to enjoy with beef pot pies.

5 best side dishes to serve with beef pot pie

Do you need to serve a beef pot pie with other sides?

The answer is dependable per personal preference.

Beef pot pies are great on their own, but you totally can make them better with the following side dishes:

1.     Mashed potatoes

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Mashed potatoes are a classic side dish that pairs well with almost all savory dishes.

Mashed potatoes are easy to make from inexpensive ingredients.

The mild flavor and smooth texture of mashed potatoes are a great addition to your juicy and crispy beef pot pie.

2.     Baked beans

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You can also serve your beef pot pie with baked beans.

Beans are a staple vegan ingredient in many cuisines.

They need to be slow-cooked so that the beans are tender and deliver a typical sweet and earthy flavor that goes well with the savory beef pie.

Baked beans can also keep you fuller without being high in carbs.

3.     Mushy peas

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Mushy peas, as the name implies, have a mushy texture that is achieved by mashing boiled peas with some butter, cream, and spices for a more flavorful taste.

You can use mushy peas as a dipping sauce for every bite of beef pot pie.

4.     Roasted vegetables

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Roasted vegetables are another suggestion from us to accompany your beef pot pie.

There are many kinds of vegetables available on the market, but some common choices for roasting are broccoli, asparagus, potatoes, or carrots.

Roasted vegetables also add nutrients and a light flavor to balance your rich and meaty pie.

5.     Gravy

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If you want a simpler but delicious side dish to make your beef pot pie taste better, gravy is not bad.

It is best to opt for beef gravy this time because you can make use of the initial beef broth and beef cut that have been used for the beef pot pie.

This reduces the cooking time as well as helps save some money.

The bottom line

We have included the list of the best side dish recipes that you can try the next time having a beef pot pie in your meal.

Which side dish sounds most appealing to you that you want to try first?

Let us know how it turned out after literally serving these side dishes with your beef pot pie!

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