Beef Jerky Tastes Like Soap: Is It Safe To Eat Beef Jerky That Tastes Like Soap?

beef jerky tastes like soap

Why would we want to eat something that tastes like soap, right?

But what if it happens to your favorite beef jerky snack, what will you do?

Let’s learn the reasons and how to get rid of this soapy taste in your beef jerky in this article.

Why does my beef jerky taste like soap?

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Have you ever bitten into a piece of beef jerky and been surprised by the strange taste like soap it left in your mouth?

You are not alone.

The following reasons can explain it:

Your brand of beef jerky is heavy in phosphates

The first possibility of this problem might be due to the high content of phosphates in your beef.

Phosphates are often used to preserve the color and texture of different kinds of meat, but if too many are added, it can cause the natural acidity of an animal’s diet to become alkaline.

Stress from overworking or improper slaughtering methods will also increase pH levels in meats with similar effects on flavor as well.

Beef jerky has been made in the equipment that still has soap residues

The second reason that can explain the soapy taste in your beef jerky is the equipment that is used to cook your beef.

If you have washed it with soap, but not rinsed well, the equipment would have had soap residues on it and the soapy taste will linger on your beef jerky.

Is it safe to eat beef jerky that tastes like soap?

In most cases, the soapy taste in your beef jerky will not make you sick or get a foodborne illness.

However, if you have sensitive digestion, it might cause an unpleasant feeling sometimes in your stomach, or at least in your mouth, like washing your mouth off.

Just give your beef jerky a careful check to make sure that it is safe to eat or should be discarded.

How to get rid of the soap taste from beef jerky?

As already mentioned, if your beef jerky tastes like soap, it is actually not a big deal at all.

Although it isn’t always harmful to your health, a soapy taste is what should not exist in any dish.

Don’t worry, the following ways can help you get rid of the soapy taste in your dried beef:

Rinse your cooking equipment well and pat dry before using it to make beef jerky

The first thing you can do is to make sure that the cooking equipment, normally a baking tray, is washed thoroughly.

Soap helps remove any dirt residues from the previous recipe, but if you don’t rinse your equipment well under a running tap of cold or warm water, the soapy taste from the soap residue will stick in your beef.

So just rinse it again with plain water several times then pat dry with a towel before using the baking tray for drying beef.

Buy organic beef from a reputable shop to make your own beef jerky

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Another method that we would like to introduce to you is to opt for organic beef instead of regular beef.

Conventional beef that is sold on the market might contain a certain amount of phosphates to preserve the meat.

When shopping for organic beef from a reputable butcher shop, especially when you have a good relationship with the butcher man, then you can lower the chance of buying low-quality meat that can come with a chemical and result in a soapy taste when cooked.

To make the best beef jerky, just look for a reliable source, such as a recipe written by a well-known food blogger or chef.

The bottom line

We have discussed several reasons why your beef jerky might taste like soap and common ways to get rid of that soapy flavor.

Hopefully, it has given you some ideas on how to fix it without any fuss.

In conclusion, a soapy taste is not a good sign in food, but if the taste is just subtle and there is nothing wrong with the beef jerky, you can consider keeping it.

In case the soapy taste is quite strong in your beef jerky, you better discard it to make sure your family’s health is protected.

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