5 Ways To Make Your Beef Goulash Better With Side Dishes

beef goulash side dish

Beef goulash is a flavorful and rich dish that is guaranteed to impress your family and guests.

It can be served with many different sides.

But what are some of the best options?

Read on and figure out the side dishes that sound most appealing to your taste buds.

What is beef goulash?

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Beef goulash is a Hungarian dish that consists of beef and vegetables, typically potatoes, onions, and green peppers that are slow-cooked in water or broth with other spices for hours until all the ingredients are tender.

The word goulash is derived from the word Gulyás in Hungarian, which refers to a Hungarian Herdsman or Cowboy. Accordingly, the weak cows that cannot be used to make the drive will be chosen by the herdsman to be slaughtered for soups or stews.

This filling dish is best for a winter meal and is typically served hot.

Beef goulash is often served with a side dish rather than being eaten alone.

What to consider when choosing a beef goulash’s side dish?

You might not know what should go with a beef goulash, don’t worry, the following tips can help you pick the most proper side dish to accompany the rich and hearty beef goulash.

Serve your beef goulash with a starchy dish so that it can easily absorb the rich liquid

Beef goulash is typically served with a starchy dish like rice, noodles, or bread on the side.

The reason is that the starchy texture of these dishes makes it easier for them to absorb the flavorful and rich liquid of the main beef stew.

Moreover, the mild flavor of a starchy side dish is a perfect addition to the savory taste of the beef goulash and helps keep you fuller.

A vegetable side dish can work well to pair with beef goulash to offset the rich taste of this main dish

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a side dish for beef goulash is to opt for a vegetable recipe if you want a healthier and lighter option.

This choice is also great for those who are cutting down their carb intake and want to make their diet healthier with nutrients from vegetables.

5 best side dishes to serve with beef goulash

We are sure you are wondering what to serve with beef goulash.

What would be the perfect side dish for this tasty, juicy meal?

Consider these sides that are easy to make and can go from oven to table in no time:

1. Rice

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Rice is the easiest and simplest way to make your beef goulash taste better.

The main dish, on the other hand, also makes your simple plain steamed white rice more flavorful and delicious.

You can opt for different kinds of rice, but it should be a dish that has a mild flavor and doesn’t include a lot of oil.

2. Garlic bread

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Garlic bread is another classic side dish to serve alongside beef goulash.

The regular bread with a garlic flavor is best to accompany your beef stew.

Garlic bread is also easy to make, inexpensive, and can help fill your empty stomach in seconds.

3. Dinner rolls

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Like other starchy side dishes, dinner rolls are great to serve along with beef goulash.

You can dip each piece of dinner rolls in the beef goulash soup so that every bite will be hearty and flavorful.

Dinner rolls are easy to make and this classic dish can be enjoyed on its own as a quick and delicious dinner, but when served with beef goulash, you will have two amazing dishes to wow the whole family.

4. Salad

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Since beef goulash is a heavy and rich dish, it is best to be served with something light in both texture and flavor.

This is when salads come as a lifesaver.

You can opt for either a green salad or a fruit salad in this case because both are packed with a crunchy texture, refreshing flavor, and healthy nutrients. 

5. Roasted vegetables

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Another vegan side dish to accompany beef goulash is roasted vegetables.

It is best to roast some crunchy-textured and green vegetables like asparagus or okra rather than some classics like potatoes or carrots.

A green vegetable dish can also make your meal look more eye-catching.

The bottom line

When it comes to finding a good side dish for beef goulash, there are many options for you to choose from.

From a simple starchy dish like rice or garlic bread to a vegetable-based accompaniment like roasted veggies or salads, each can satisfy someone’s taste bud.

Does your mouth start to water when reaching here?

Let’s try out our side dish suggestions above and let us know which one is the best for your family.