4 Best Beef Cuts For Slow Cooker Fajitas: What Cut Of Beef Is Best For Slow Cooker Fajitas?

beef for slow cooked fajitas

We have cooked beef fajitas on the grill for years but having your beef cooked in the slow cooker can be a great way too.

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In this article, we are going to delve into the best beef for slow cooker fajitas and some tips to choose the best cuts of beef for this recipe.

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How to choose beef for slow cooker fajitas?

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Filling your slow cooker with a good cut of beef is a good way to ensure that your family gets a healthy and tender dish.

Before going shopping for beef for slow cooker fajitas, you should know some tips to choose the best beef for this dish, as mentioned below:

1.     There is no need for an expensive and tender cut of beef

Normally, your beef for fajitas is grilled in a short time so that the meat gets a nice sear on the outside and a juicy texture inside.

A tender cut of beef is often more expensive than a tough cut of beef.

Therefore, when using a slow cooker to cook beef for fajitas, you only need to buy a tough cut of beef that is usually more affordable.

The long cooking time in the slow cooker will help tenderize your meat cut and help you achieve a tender filling to serve with corn tortillas.

2.     Choose the proper size of your beef cut to fit your family consumption and slow cooker

You shouldn’t buy a very large or small cut of beef, but the one with a proper size so that it fits well your family’s consumption as well as the size of the cooker.

It is best to leave the whole cut of beef when cooked so that it can keep the natural sweet flavor and moisture inside the meat.

Therefore, take a look at your slow cooker and determine how much beef will be enough to serve your family so that you don’t have to cut down the beef cut or there is too much leftover.

3.     Select a fresh cut of beef without any sign of spoilage

Last but not least, the quality of your beef will decide if your fajitas are delicious or not.

You should always look for a fresh cut of beef so that it will produce a fresh and sweet taste with a firm but tender texture.

Avoid buying beef cuts that have dark spots, discoloration, or an unpleasant smell.

4 best beef for slow cooker fajitas

If regular fajitas will be best to be cooked with a tenderloin or ribeye steak, slow cooker fajitas can be done with the following beef cuts that are much more affordable:

1.     Flank steak

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Flank steak is definitely not a tender cut on its own, but it is prized for the intensely beefy flavor.

Flank steak is typically thinly sliced to be used for stir-frying recipes.

However, when leaving the whole flank steak cut, you can use a slow cooker as great equipment to tenderize the meat without losing its moisture.

2.     Sirloin steak

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Sirloin steak can be another good choice for slow cooker fajitas.

This cut is relatively lean, but it can be flavorful and juicy when cooked in some kind of sauce in the slow cooker.

Sirloin steak, when thinly sliced, resembles beef tenderloin with a lean and tender texture.

3.     Skirt steak

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You can also use a skirt steak for your slow cooker fajitas.

This cut is taken from the plate section of the cow and is very flavorful.

It has little marbling fat running throughout the cut, making it juicier than a flank or sirloin steak.

4.     Chuck steak

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Chuck steak is an ideal cut for any slow-cooking method, so there is no reason why it shouldn’t be used for your slow cooker fajitas.

This cut is versatile, affordable, and very flavorful after being cooked for hours.

You will have a tender, juicy, and rich dish from this kind of steak.

The bottom line

Slow cooker fajitas can be done without any fuss because all the time and temperature have been already set on and you don’t have to keep your eyes on the beef while cooking.

Normally, you will need a tough cut of beef to save some money on a tender cut that a regular fajita often calls for.

Don’t forget to marinate your beef cut well or toss it in a kind of flavorful sauce before shredding it apart or cutting it in strips and serving with corn or flour tortillas.

Happy cooking and good luck!