5 Best Beef For Ramen: What Kind Of Beef Is Best Used For Ramen?

beef for ramen

Ramen is a traditional Japanese noodle soup that is typically made of pork belly.

But what about beef ramen when you want a new flavor profile?

Well, there are some cuts of beef that work better for this Japanese recipe that will be figured out in this article.

Let’s check it out!

How to choose beef for ramen?

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There is nothing better than a hot bowl of ramen on a cold day.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can succeed with this dish with any cut of beef.

Below are the tips to help you choose the best beef for ramen so that the resulting dish is flavorful, succulent, and tender:

1.     Opt for a moderately tender to tender cut of beef

When choosing meat for ramen, you shouldn’t opt for a tough cut of beef, but a tender one instead.

The reason is that the meat should be tender but still chewy enough to chew rather than melting in your mouth like in a slow-cooking recipe.

Therefore, you will need a cut with a moderately tender to tender texture so that when thinly sliced, it is quick to cook.

2.     Buy beef bones for a rich broth without breaking the bank

A bowl of ramen noodle soup consists of noodles, beef, and a rich broth or stock.

You cannot have a delicious dish with plain water, but a flavorful stock that is made by simmering beef bones.

Beef bones are relatively cheap, and if you have a good relationship with a local butcher, you can even get them for free.

3.     Beef meat needs to be sliced against the grain for tenderness

Another tip to have the best beef for ramen is that your beef should be thinly sliced against the grain.

You can buy pre-sliced beef or a whole cut of beef to slice it yourself at home.

But remember that slicing against the grain will result in tender pieces of meat while cutting with the grain will make the meat chewier even when thinly sliced.

4.     Only use frozen beef as the last resort

Frozen beef, if improperly stored and thawed, can result in tasteless and watery meat.

In a worse case, you can get foodborne illnesses due to the bacteria created during the storing and thawing processes.

The only plus point of using frozen beef for ramen is that it is easier to thinly slice.

5 best beef for ramen

Using beef for ramen can give you a stronger and richer flavor.

But what cut of beef is best for this recipe?

Let’s refer to our following ideas:

1.     Beef flank

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Beef flank is typically used for Asian stir-frying dishes.

It is reputed for being rich in flavor while still being lean with very little marbling fat.

Beef flank when thinly sliced has a tender texture that is great for quick-cooking methods.

The best thing is that despite the many benefits of this cut, beef flank is very economical and can save you some money on a delicious dish like ramen.

2.     Beef skirt

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The beef skirt is often used to substitute for beef flank.

It comes from the plate region of the cow and has a lot of flavors.

A skirt steak is not that tender, so it should be thinly sliced and tenderized with a meat tenderizer if needed.

It is perfect to add to your weekly diet because of its reasonable price.

3.     Sirloin steak

Beef Loin Top Sirloin Steak Step 1

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You can also try beef sirloin steak for your own ramen recipe.

Sirloin steak is a lean cut with a tender texture and flavorful taste if properly cooked.

You only need to blanch thin slices of sirloin steak in a hot pot of broth for seconds before serving them with ramen noodles so that the meat is medium and very juicy.

4.     Beef tenderloin

Beef Loin Tenderloin Steak Step 1

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Beef tenderloin is a higher quality option for ramen, but it is totally worth the price.

It comes from the loin section and is the leanest as well as the most tender cut of beef.

Beef tenderloin doesn’t take a long time to cook because it is already very tender.

To make this cut more flavorful, you can marinate it with some spices or marinade before cooking it with ramen noodles.

5.     Beef bones (for stock)

Beef Bones Marrow Grass Fed Step 4

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Last but not least, don’t forget to buy some beef bones to make a delicious stock.

You can use any kind of bones for stock as they will all result in a rich taste and body of the soup.

Beef bones are relatively cheap, especially if you buy them in bulk.

They freeze well so you can buy more than what you need for ramen and save them for the next time cooking other soup dishes.

The bottom line

Beef ramen is a great way to change up your classic Japanese noodle soup.

You can try a flank steak, skirt steak, or sirloin steak for a more affordable choice, whereas beef tenderloin can be a little pricier.

Don’t forget to buy some beef bones to have the richest broth for this soup.

So what cut of beef do you think works best for ramen?

Try them out and let us know!

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