3 Best Beef For Meatloaf: How To Be Successful In Making A Meatloaf?

beef for meatloaf

If you are looking to make a beef meatloaf, it is important that you have the right type of meat.

Beef is one of the most common choices for making meatloaf, but not everyone knows how to choose or what cuts of beef are perfect for this recipe.

Keep reading to unravel all your wonders about making meatloaf from beef.

How to choose beef for meatloaf?

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Meatloaf is a family favorite.

Since the recipe calls for ground beef, it can be served to even the elderly or kids in your family.

The key ingredient is beef and the quality of the meat will decide if your meatloaf is delicious or not.

Therefore, it is essential to know the tips to choose the best beef for making meatloaf.

Below are what you should keep in mind when shopping for beef for meatloaf:

1. Buy a whole cut of fresh beef to grind it yourself

As we all know, meatloaf is made of ground meat and other ingredients like eggs, breadcrumbs, and spices.

It is better to buy a whole cut of beef and grind it yourself at home.

You can use a meat grinder or just use a sharp knife to finely chop it into a smooth mixture.

Don’t forget to buy fresh beef to result in a more flavorful and nutritious dish.

2. Buy fresh pre-ground beef if you prefer convenience, but don’t buy frozen pre-ground beef

If you don’t have time to grind the whole cut of beef, you can buy pre-ground beef.

However, don’t buy frozen burger meat (ground beef), but a fresh package of ground beef instead.

Frozen ground beef often has a soaky texture after being thawed, and chances are the meat will fall apart when making meatloaf.

3. A tough cut works better in this case

Everyone desires a tender cut of beef like a tenderloin or filet mignon.

But in this case, to make meatloaf, it is better to opt for a tough cut.

The reason is that a tough cut of beef usually comes with a lot of connective tissues that can help keep the meatloaf in shape and stay firm during and after cooking.

A tough beef cut is also associated with great marbling fat which adds flavor to your dish.

4. A perfect ratio of meat to fat is 70:30 or 80:20

Another tip to have good beef for meatloaf is to look for the right meat-to-fat ratio.

If you buy pre-ground beef, this information is often printed on the package.

Look for 70:30 (70% lean meat, 30% fat) or 80:20 (80% lean meat, 20% fat) ground meat as these are two perfect ratios to make sure your meatloaf is juicy enough, not too fatty or dry.

Best beef for meatloaf

Making meatloaf is not that hard if you have the right cut of meat.

Here are some of the best ideas for beef cuts that are ideal for making meatloaf:

1. Chuck

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A chuck cut is a good cut for making ground beef in general and making meatloaf in particular.

Beef chuck is taken from the top portion of the cow’s shoulder.

It is a tough cut that is often used in slow-cooking methods.

However, ground chuck doesn’t take a lot of time to be cooked.

A chuck cut is also prized for its marbling fat, making it juicy without needing to add more fat to the mixture.

2. Round

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A round cut is another choice for making meatloaf.

Either a top round or a bottom round can work in this case.

Since a round cut is leaner, you should grind some additional fat with it so that it will be juicier when cooked.

3. Top sirloin

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You can also use a top sirloin steak for making meatloaf.

This is a lean cut but can become tender if properly cooked.

A top sirloin steak is also prized for its flavorful taste.

Therefore, a meatloaf that is made of ground top sirloin, when combined with some fat trim, will even have a stronger and richer flavor.

The bottom line

Choosing beef for meatloaf is like choosing beef for making ground meat.

Therefore, it is best to work with a tough cut with some marbling fat or additional fat trims so that the mixture is juicy and flavorful enough when cooked.

Don’t forget to add some binding agents like breadcrumbs and eggs so that your beef meatloaf won’t fall apart.

Try out our aforementioned ideas so that you will know which cut of beef works best for your own recipe of meatloaf.