5 Best Beef Cuts For Japanese BBQ: What Is The Best Beef Cut For Japanese-style BBQ?

beef for japanese bbq

Japanese cuisine is known for its elegant dishes that are made from high-quality ingredients.

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When it comes to a Japanese BBQ party, beef is an integral part.

So is there any difference in the beef for Japanese-style BBQ and the classic American BBQ?

Let’s figure out how to choose beef for Japanese BBQ and what cuts or kinds of beef are best for this Asian grilling dish.

How to choose beef for Japanese BBQ?

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Beef is a delicious kind of red meat that is packed with a rich source of protein and other essential nutrients.

It is a typical ingredient for any BBQ party.

For a Japanese BBQ, selecting a good cut of beef is an important part as Japanese people really focus on the freshness and quality of the ingredients in their dishes.

So to help you choose the best beef for your next Japanese BBQ, we have listed the three tips below to ensure that you will have the right cut with the best flavor and tenderness when cooked:

1.     Select a fresh cut of high-quality beef like Wagyu beef

The most important thing in choosing beef for Japanese BBQ is the quality of the meat.

Therefore, don’t think about using stale or frozen beef if you want to replicate a BBQ party in a Japanese style.

Remember to buy a fresh cut of beef, especially grass-fed or organic beef.

Wagyu beef, for instance, is a premium kind of beef that is often served in high-end Japanese restaurants.

It is known as one of the most expensive kinds of meat in the world as the cow is raised in special methods and produces high-quality meat.

It is best to ask your butcher or someone who works in a Japanese restaurant to know a reputable address to buy Wagyu beef if you want to make a Japanese BBQ at home.

2.     A well-marbled or fatty cut is more favored in Japanese BBQ

The second thing to keep in mind when choosing beef for Japanese BBQ is that you should opt for a cut with a generous marbling fat amount.

While Americans seem to prefer leaner cuts of beef or with just a little fat for their BBQ, Japanese people like it to be fattier with more marbling fat.

3.     Beef for Japanese BBQ is often sliced into thinner pieces than American BBQ

Japanese BBQ usually calls for thinner slices of beef compared to American BBQ.

Therefore, you should buy the whole cut of beef based on the two aforementioned tips and slice it into thin pieces before cooking them on the grill.

In a Japanese BBQ, people don’t feel like using ground beef either.

So buying pre-ground beef from grocery stores or butcher shops will not be a good choice in this case.

5 best beef for Japanese BBQ

Here are the five beef cuts that we find best for Japanese BBQ:

1.     Prime rib roast

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The prime rib roast is a top-quality cut of beef that comes from the primal loin.

It is a delicious cut of beef that can make any holiday dinner special.

The prime rib roast is succulent and has an amazing flavor that will be featured when cooking over direct heat.

This expensive cut of beef is perfect to be included in your Japanese BBQ, as long as you can afford it.

2.     New York strips

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The New York strip is also one of the most expensive cuts and it is worth the price.

It is made from boneless beef loin that comes from the short loin primal cut on a cow.

This part of the animal yields some tender meat with enough fat to keep things interesting and flavorful without tasting too greasy or fatty.

Strip steak has more fat on the edge rather than throughout the cut like a ribeye steak.

To top off this perfect steak, you can sear some butter on the grill for added flavor and serve the beef medium-rare so you can still taste all those rich juices.

3.     Sirloin tips

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Sirloin tips are another cut that can be greatly used for your Japanese BBQ.

This cut is relatively lean, but it is still very tender and juicy when properly cooked on the grill.

The best thing is that when opting for sirloin tips, you can save a bit of money compared to buying prime rib or New York strips.

4.     Beef filet

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Beef filet, or filet mignon, is a smaller cut from the tenderloin, which is reputable for being very tender.

Thin slices of beef filet cook quickly on the grill and result in a tender and juicy dish.

It is also quite expensive and is considered one of the best cuts of beef for any recipe.

5.     Beef tongue

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You can even use the beef tongue for your next Japanese BBQ party.

Although the beef tongue is not a common and popular cut on the market like other meat cuts, it turns out to be very flavorful and nutritious.

This cut should be thinly sliced and when cooked on the BBQ grill, it will end up tender but still chewy enough for an interesting mouthfeel.

The bottom line

With the wealth of information on beef cuts and their various uses, you should have no problem deciding what kind to buy for your Japanese BBQ.

The best thing about these options is that they are all delicious!

If you want to experiment with the premium Wagyu beef that is often served in high-end restaurants in Japan, save some money to buy the best cut of Wagyu beef and have your own Japanese BBQ party in your backyard or even indoors with family and friends.