5 Best Beef For Ground Beef: Choosing The Best Beef For Making Ground Meat

beef for ground beef

There are different cuts of beef you can use for ground beef, and there are also plenty of recipes that call for ground beef.

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Keep reading to find out what cut of beef is best for ground beef and how to choose these cuts on the market so that you can always have the best ground beef dish out of our kitchen.

How to choose beef for ground beef?

Ground beef is a staple in many households, and many people tend to buy pre-ground beef for more convenience.

However, when it comes to making your own ground beef, what to look for to buy the best beef cut for ground beef:

1.     Choose a well-marbled cut for more flavorful and juicier ground beef

The first tip to choosing beef for ground beef is that a well-marbled cut will produce the best ground meat.

The sufficient marbling fat makes your ground beef mixture juicier and more flavorful.

A cut that is too lean when ground will result in a dry texture, making your dish less delicious despite the flavorful taste of the condiments you use in the recipe.

2.     Buy grass-fed or organic beef if you want a healthier option

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing beef for ground beef is that grass-fed or organic beef is a better choice if you are aiming for a healthier diet.

Grass-fed or organic beef is the meat that is produced from cattle that are raised with an organic diet and without antibiotics or hormones.

Therefore, this kind of beef is more nutritious and even tastes better than regular beef.

It also comes with a higher price, but you will get what you pay for.

3.     Check the expiration date and type of ground beef in case you buy pre-ground beef 

If you want a more convenient option, just opt for pre-ground beef sold on the market.

There are many brands of fresh pre-ground beef, and before making the purchase, don’t forget to check all the information on the package.

You should look for the expiration date, meat-to-fat ratio, type, and cut of beef used to make that package of ground beef.

5 best beef for ground beef

Many people think any cut of beef can be used to make ground beef.

In fact, there are some cuts that are not only ideal for ground beef but also affordable and can save you a lot of money on your meal.

Here are the four best beef that we find the most suitable for ground beef:

1.     Chuck steak

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Chuck steak is a versatile and affordable cut that is used in many households throughout the country.

This cut is often used for slow-cooking methods like roasting or stewing when served beef in cubes.

Otherwise, it is perfect for ground beef to use in recipes like tacos, burgers, pasta, or meatballs.

2.     Boneless short ribs

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The second cut you should try for ground beef is boneless short ribs.

Unlike its name, this cut comes from the chuck section and without the bones which resembles the deboned real beef short ribs.

Boneless short ribs have a tough texture and flavorful taste that is ideal to be used in ground beef recipes.

3.     Brisket

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Another cut that you can try for ground beef is brisket.

This cut is taken from the pectoral section and is typically used for making corned beef or pastrami.

It is affordable and can be found in most grocery stores, butcher shops, or supermarkets across the country.

4.     Sirloin steak

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A sirloin steak is a good choice for people who like to eat leaner meat.

This cut is taken from the loin cut, so it is relatively lean and contains very little fat.

Therefore, when cooking ground sirloin steak, don’t overcook it so that you can end up with a dry and chewy dish.

5.     Beef round

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Beef round is another great cut of beef that can be used for ground meat.

It is another lean cut of beef because the cow uses this part the most for walking and working.

Also due to this fact, ground round beef has a flavorful taste that is perfect for grilling or stir-frying depending on your dish.

The bottom line

The cut of beef you choose will have a huge impact on the flavor profile and texture of your ground beef dish.

If you don’t want to buy pre-ground beef, refer to our best beef cut suggestions that are mentioned above to make the best ground beef on your own.

Hopefully, our article has helped your next time shopping for beef to make ground beef much easier.