4 Best Beef For Fondue: Do All Beef Cuts Work In The Fondue Recipe?

beef for fondue

A nice and hot pot of beef fondue is perfect for a winter day.

If you are looking for the best cut of beef for this dish, look no further than this article.

Below, we will suggest some of the most common beef cuts that are ideal for fondue and how to choose beef for this Swiss-inspired delicacy.

How to choose beef for fondue

Fondue is an amazing winter dish that will warm you up on a cold day.

It is easy to make and very hearty.

The best part of fondue is that you can enjoy the beef right after it is cooked from the fondue pot.

Since the beef is often cooked without a marinade in a fondue recipe, you better opt for a good cut of beef.

Here we introduce some useful tips that will help you pick the best beef for fondue:

1. Choose a moderately tender to tender cut of beef

You will need a cut of beef with a moderately tender to very tender texture for fondue.

Traditionally, customers will sit around the table with a fondue pot in the center of the table to cook sticks of beef.

The cooking process often takes a few minutes depending on the meat’s doneness preference of each eater.

This cooking method is obviously a quick technique instead of cooking the beef for hours like roasting or stewing, therefore, a chewy or tough cut like chuck roast or short ribs won’t work in this case.

When cooking a tender cut of beef in a fondue pot, you might need seconds for each side to achieve a medium-rare piece of meat, and a few minutes to fully cook it.

2. The beef cut should have a fair amount of fat, but not too much

If you want your beef to be more flavorful, it is best to purchase a cut with a little fat, especially marbling fat.

Marbling fat that runs across the cut will not only add flavor to your meat but also make it juicier.

However, don’t buy a too fatty cut of beef or you should trim off excess fat to avoid greasiness while cooking the meat in hot oil.

3. Buy fresh beef instead of frozen beef

Another thing you should keep in mind when choosing beef for fondue is to buy fresh beef instead of frozen beef.

Fresh beef results in a higher-quality dish with a more flavorful taste and a firmer but tender texture.

Moreover, fresh beef is often drier than frozen beef, which is often a bit soaky after thawing.

Cooking soaky beef in hot oil might mess things up because the oil can easily splash onto the surroundings.

4. Cut the meat into even cubes before cooking in a fondue pot

A fondue recipe calls for small cubes of beef instead of the whole cut.

Therefore, don’t forget to cut your beef into equal cubes so that they will be cooked evenly.

You can choose to marinate these little cubes before cooking them or not.

Best beef for fondue

So here are the best beef cuts that are commonly used for fondue:

1. Filet mignon

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There is nothing better than a filet mignon when it comes to a fondue dish.

Filet mignon is a smaller cut from the tenderloin.

It often comes in two-inch steaks in most American butcher shops.

A filet mignon is the most desired cut and also the priciest cut of beef.

However, when experimenting with this cut, you can understand why it is sold at such a high price.

Filet mignon cubes might take less than one minute to be cooked to medium-rare.

The resulting dish is juicy, flavorful, and very tender.

2. Beef Tenderloin

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You can also try beef tenderloin in a fondue recipe.

Many people often mistake beef tenderloin with beef filet mignon.

In fact, a filet mignon is cut from the tenderloin, but not all parts of the tenderloin are a filet mignon.

However, in general, these cuts can be used interchangeably in any recipe thanks to their tenderness and leanness.

Beef tenderloin is also an expensive cut that not everyone can afford.

3. Top sirloin steak

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If you are looking for a more economical cut of beef for your homemade fondue, top sirloin steak should be a consideration.

Normally, it is one of the high-quality cuts of beef that are sold at a higher price than the average.

But a top sirloin steak is still cheaper than tenderloin and filet mignon.

Top sirloin steak is also a lean cut with a moderately tender texture.

When serving this cut into cubes, it might take a few minutes to cook each piece of sirloin beef.

4. Ribeye steak

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A ribeye steak can be a great choice for a fondue too.

This cut is prized for its intensely beefy flavor because it comes from the rib of the cow with a lot of flavors from the bones.

It is a bit fattier than the aforementioned cuts, making it juicier and more satisfying.

The bottom line

Beef is an iconic part of Swiss cuisine.

It’s no surprise that beef fondue makes a perfect winter meal as well, especially with all these different cuts to choose from.

The recipe normally calls for some of the most expensive cuts like filet mignon, tenderloin, sirloin, or ribeye steak, but it is worth the price.

You can have a delicious and tender piece of meat that is coated with a rich sauce.

Just opt for a high-quality cut of beef so you can have an enjoyable experience with your family or friends every time having a fondue.

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